The Business of Golf… and Why The Superintendent Is So Important

Principal Henry DeLozier recently delivered a presentation to the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (“GCSAA”) at the Idaho Chapter’s annual meeting in Boise.  Several key messages that DeLozier wished to leave his audience thinking about were:

  • The superintendent controls the franchise value of the club because the golf course is a signal of lifestyle.
  • As the ‘franchise player’ on the team, the superintendent must play his or her position at consistently high (super-star) levels.
  • Agronomic expertise and excellence are ‘table stakes’ because all members and owners expect excellence and because the performance bar is set so high.
  • Intrinsic value, the non-monetary value of a business which does the right things right, is one of the most important duties of the superintendent because this value is entirely a factor of ethical management, great environmental responsibility, and servant leadership.
  • Superintendents will learn basic accounting practices with focus on capital expense planning to make them better financial resources for their clubs.
  • Superintendents are servant leaders who look out for the best interests of many others.  The rewards may seem slight but the value is vast.

Complimentary copies of GGA’s Agronomic Plan Template and GGA’s Capital Expense Spreadsheet were delivered to attendees.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a copy of your own. A copy of Henry’s powerpoint presentation can be found here.