Focus on Finances – Unwavering Commitment Necessary for Sustainable Revenue Growth

As most golf course facilities look toward 2015, club leaders and managers face a host of decisions. But none more important than a commitment to the financial health of their facility.  They key to financial success? Henry DeLozier’s answer is sustainable revenue growth.

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How Golf Is Threatened By Contemporary Culture

GGA’s own Garry Carl provides provocative thoughts worth considering in his recently published book Is Golf in America Heading for a Fiscal Cliff?  Drawing on a vast array of golf industry experience, his book tells the story of the personalities who built the game and society along with it.

This work is a compelling look at the impact of social change on the business of golf, outlining the challenges facing the game today and presenting a clear prescription for tomorrow’s industry.

Garry has written the quintessential modern-day golf book; funny, insightful, informative, and direct.  This book is a ‘must-read’ that simultaneously provides valuable tools for professional development as well as anecdotal insights for personal enjoyment.

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