Pondering Golf’s Water Issues

“One of the greatest benefits arising from the California drought may be the focus placed on the scarcity of water and smart-use practices.” says Henry DeLozier.

In a recent contribution to Golf Course Industry magazine, DeLozier explains the drought situation in California and offers up advice from industry leaders Audubon International and the United States Golf Association on how to deliver quality course conditions while limiting water usage.

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New Home Construction Gearing Up for 15 Year Boom According to JBC

The real-estate sector is a key indicator of future changes to the golf industry and the development of club-related communities.

According to John Burns Consulting, real-estate experts, “Even with the most conservative of assumptions, household formations will boom over the next 15 years, and we will need well in excess of 1.5 million homes built per year to meet the demand. That is 50 percent more than we built last year.”