Adding Value as a PGA Professional

Golf professionals – as never before – are expected to lead their clubs to improved financial results and are being judged on their ability to do so.  PGA Professionals have embraced this duty and need new tactical solutions to improve the finances at their clubs and demonstrate this value to their committee or owner. GGA Partners Henry DeLozier and Rob Hill offer some financial advice that will help.

The PGA will be holding a webinar on this topic with Henry DeLozier and Rob Hill on Friday November 13 (2-3 pm GMT). To register your interest to attend the webinar, please email

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Construction Blitz

After a flood of golf course construction in the late 80’s and 90’s, changing market conditions led to an oversupply of courses which forced course builders to adapt.  Successful builders evolved into new, more nimble companies that began designing cost-conscious courses that are more fit for golf’s changing landscape.

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Research Report Published on Best Practices of World’s Top Clubs

Toronto, Canada (October 22, 2015) – Global Golf Advisors, formerly known as KPMG Golf Industry Practice and leading authority on successful management practices for golf and private clubs, has published the first findings from its Institute for Best Practice (IBP).

The report, which is the culmination of twelve months of research and contributions from over 100 of the world’s top clubs, identifies an extensive array of tactics currently delivering successful outcomes across a range of management disciplines such as membership, sales and marketing, member care, golf course maintenance, environmental sustainability and strategic management.

The Global Golf Advisors Institute for Best Practice is a collaboration with CMAA-China Chapter, and has earned the support of The World Golf Foundation, The Club Managers Association of America, The Asian Golf Industry Federation, Golf Environment Organization, Golf Magazine China Edition and the Tourism College of Sun Yat-Sen University. All of the clubs which supported the research are ranked in the Top 100 in their region, including elite performers from USA, Canada, Europe, UK and 30 clubs across China.

Rob Hill, a partner with Global Golf Advisors and Director of the IBP, provided insight into the findings, “This first report focuses on the characteristics of China’s top clubs, how they compare to their contemporaries in North America and Europe and emphasizes how powerful the sharing of knowledge and ideas can be in raising the performance of an entire industry. Although there are considerable cultural differences from region to region resulting in variations in priorities and standards of excellence, there are many effective management practices which transcend borders. The sharing of operational knowledge identifies these transcendent best practices for the betterment of clubs in all regions.”

“One of the striking findings of the research was the progress that clubs in China have made in relation to water consumption,” says Hill. “State-of-the-art irrigation systems, realignment of grassing lines, design refurbishments which assist with a reduction in the area of irrigated turf, and engagement with environmental programs have all contributed to Chinese clubs using on average 22% less water per km2 than clubs in the USA”.

“The top clubs in China, like their contemporaries in the rest of the world, are also highly focused on member recruitment and retention. With this in mind, they can learn from other regions on effective marketing tactics such as pricing strategies, referral programs, member profiling, junior golf, and family engagement. These will have particular resonance for residential and community planning”.

Dr. Aylwin Tai CCM, President of the CMAA China Chapter has been instrumental in the success of the IBP in China.

“This IBP research initiative is the first of its kind in China and the report includes valuable learnings which will assist clubs in overcoming the challenges they face in these difficult time for the industry”, Dr. Tai explained. “I believe that the Institute for Best Practice has come at an ideal time to inform and support the repositioning of golf development in China”.

Rob Hill will present on the findings of the report to more than 120 superintendents and 50 club managers during a 5-day BMI Golf Management Program scheduled for Foshan Golf Club from October 26 – 30 2015. The BMI Program is an official education program jointly supported by Club Managers Association of America, Asian Golf Industry federation and the Golf Course Superintendents Association of Guangdong.

It is said that a rising tide lifts all ships, the IBP China report is not only the first of its kind for the region, but the first of several waves that will offer context and clarity for top performing clubs across the globe.

The IBP ‘China Report’ is available exclusively and without charge to those clubs that participated in the research program. Further reports for USA, Canada, UK and Europe are to be released shortly under the same terms.

Rob Hill, Partner at Global Golf Advisors EMEA 

Dr. Aylwin Tai, CMAA-China Chapter

About Global Golf Advisors
Global Golf Advisors is an international consulting practice that helps golf course owners, private clubs, financial institutions and real estate developers solve problems related to course management and operations. The Toronto-based firm, which has practices in Phoenix, USA and Dublin, Ireland (EMEA) takes a 360-degree view of management and operational issues before developing a strategic plan that establishes benchmarks for success and identifies potential outcomes of recommended actions. In its 23-year history, GGA has consulted on more than 2,700 golf-related projects worldwide.

Global Golf Advisors Joins NCA as Legacy Alliance Partner and Lead Sponsor of the NCA Board Leadership Institute

With great pleasure and honor, GGA is pleased to join the National Club Association’s Corporate Partner Program as a Legacy Alliance Partner and the lead sponsor of the NCA Board Leadership Institute.  As a Legacy Alliance Partner, GGA affirms its dedication to advancing the private club industry, and positions itself to share valuable insight as the lead sponsor of the NCA Board Leadership Institute and through numerous additional sponsorships and educational projects.

“We believe in club managers. The men and women who choose to be servant leaders in clubs select a great profession,” said Henry DeLozier, principal at GGA. “The National Club Association is of great service to club managers and we are proud to lend our support.”

Learn more about the Board Leadership Institute here.