Bennett DeLozier, Manager

Bennett DeLozier, Manager

BA Philosophy, Santa Clara University


Bennett specializes in analyzing communications platforms, practices, and social media tactics. For GGA clients, Bennett studies existing websites for functional effectiveness, navigational efficiency, and communications elasticity. He answers the critical question: Is the primary portal for visitors as effective and engaging as it must be? Bennett assists clients in planning how to embrace changing marketing trends in the club industry which indicate a shift toward the implementation of technological and digital marketing systems and tactics.

Bennett is knowledgeable in the best practices for digital media effectiveness for private clubs. This unique and highly desirable capability brings competitive advantage to GGA’s private club clients. GGA transforms Bennett’s talents into a comprehensive analysis of communications effectiveness and tactics that extend the reach and relevance for private clubs operating within highly competitive market category.

In addition, Bennett executes member surveys which inform GGA clients for changing trends in private clubs.

Prior to joining GGA, Bennett provided communications and marketing services for numerous start-ups operating within the San Francisco Bay Area entertainment, sports, and university segments.