Governance Analysis

Governance Analysis

“Governance requires and engenders a passion for leadership, leadership that is not just over others but on others’ behalf.” – John Carver


Stable and reliable governance practices are critical elements in successful organizations and where strategy, operations and member or customer satisfaction intersect. GGA Partners specializes in applying governance principles and best practices to the non-profit community.

Our team of highly respected governance professionals draw on a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to help our clients govern their clubs and businesses more effectively.

The GGA Partners approach to governance consulting is based on the Club Governance Model, which remains the standard of excellence in governance as determined by the Club Management Association of America (CMAA).

Determined by our ongoing client research and studies of industry trends, we continuously incorporate new features into the Model and publish an updated version in the form of a contemporary Guide to Implementing the Club Governance Model. The Guide provides a thorough discussion of the Model along with a sample Board Policies Manual and other practical approaches to implementation.

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