Executive Search

Executive Search

Modern requirements and expectations of management executives are more demanding than ever. We are dedicated to sourcing highly qualified candidates for the world’s leading golf, club, and resort properties.

How we will help you

Our mission is to help you build exceptional leadership and management teams and to serve the club industry’s elite performers in acquiring roles of significant influence.

When engaging with an Executive Search firm, you’ll discover that most companies employ similar procedures, share common industry and association connections, and boast of a large network from which to draw candidates.

At first glance, GGA Partners might seem indistinguishable. However, delving deeper reveals our genuine competitive advantages, which include:

– Our refined professional discipline derived from our KPMG roots.

– A collaborative team-based approach featuring a diverse team of passionate professionals, each bringing their own unique expertise to the process.

– Stakeholder 360 research-first methodology led by Dr. Eric Brey, PhD, at the GGA Institute.

– Utilization of stakeholder feedback and research to craft search criteria that is customized to each client.

– Rigorous evaluation of candidates through consultant interviews, assessment tools and a personalized case study during the final interview phase.

– Industry-leading Gryphon Technologies powering comprehensive background checks.

– Comprehensive orientation, onboarding services, and follow-up support throughout the first year.

Equally important to our data-driven process is our belief that executive search is not a transactional business, but rather, the beginning of a long-term relationship.

That’s why to our team, executive search isn’t work, it is a calling. We share the same core values – honor, honesty, learning and trust. Those values bind us together. It is a connection that enables us to find the right candidate to help you succeed.

The Executive Search team at GGA Partners is dedicated to helping you build an exceptional leadership team.

We would enjoy the opportunity to have a conversation with you to discuss your needs and how we can help.

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