Executive Search

Executive Search

Modern requirements and expectations of management executives are more demanding than ever. We are dedicated to sourcing highly qualified candidates for the world’s leading golf, club, and resort properties.


GGA Partners supports superior clubs, resorts, and golf businesses in securing the very best executive and leadership talent. Our mission is to help our clients build exceptional leadership and management teams and to serve the club industry’s elite performers in acquiring roles of significant influence.

Six strengths distinguish our executive search service from many other capable search firms:

1. Our truly global reach. GGA Partners maintains a global network of leading executives, making it easy for both clients and candidates to access a wealth of knowledge and expertise no matter their location.

2. We are exclusively dedicated to working only with the industry’s elite leaders and those most revered properties who appreciate what such talent means to their club or business.

3. Our deep industry and contextual knowledge brings effective insight into the business requirements and local conditions affecting both clients and candidates. Our clients get access to the very latest research and information on markets, talent availability, and candidate expectations.

4. GGA Partners maintains a curriculum of continued professional development education and training that compares to the state-of-the-art in professional education standards.

5. Every search client receives executive-level and boardroom coaching in the primary disciplines that enable powerful organizations – strategy, governance, innovation, and ethics are among the categorical imperatives we teach. Our clients succeed because we use a holistic approach to aligning the board and the executive.

6. We believe every client deserves the benefit of working with a senior partner every time. Partners with industry knowledge and practical insights into recruiting and retaining the highest caliber talent the market has to offer. Our senior partners work closely with clients to make sure they source executive leadership that fits their business, market position, and culture.

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