Research & Analytics

Research & Analytics

“Knowledge has become the key economic resource and the dominant, if not the only, source of competitive advantage.” – Peter Drucker


GGA Partners provides uncommon access to sophisticated research, business intelligence, and analytics services to help clients capture the most value from data. In turn, these solutions act to inform and enhance our consulting and advisory services.

GGA Partners has been delivering data-driven insights to the golf, private club, and leisure industries for over 28 years. We have been privileged to support some of the world’s top clubs, communities, and businesses develop and implement a game plan for success – one that is informed and supported by business intelligence and data analytics.

With years of experience and a global, diverse client base, GGA Partners commands valuable, industry-specific statistical data and best practices that are essential to effectively marketing and operating golf, private club, and leisure-related businesses. Combined with deep functional expertise and a range of perspectives, these empirical insights allow us to provide our clients with advanced statistical evidence, benchmarks, analytics, and comprehensive action plans for success.

Research and analytics are fundamental to GGA Partners’ proven approach to analyzing club performance and to continually improving the tools and solutions we offer our clients.

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