3 Steps for Successful Member Retention

In a recent study of the 4,000-plus private clubs in North America, GGA Partners™ found that almost nine in 10 clubs are full and experiencing significant wait-list growth. […]

https://ggapartners.com/2024/07/3-steps-for-successful-member-retentionboards/ 4 Priorities for Private Club Boards

“When the ox is in the ditch, there is much work to be done.” In most private clubs, the “ox” is a troubling or confounding situation that could – or should – have […]

https://ggapartners.com/2024/05/4-priorities-for-private-club-boardsased-strategy-planning/ Addressing Board Transparency

ADDRESSING TRANSPARENCY THREE FACTORS CRITICAL TO HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PRIVATE CLUB BOARDS As society becomes more open and increasingly skeptical, club members demand greater […]

https://ggapartners.com/2024/04/addressing-board-transparency/ The Next Chapter in Club Governance: An Interview with Michael McCarthy

Michael McCarthy is the CEO/General Manager of Addison Reserve Country Club in Delray Beach, Florida, a position he has held for 17 years. In 2007, Michael served on an Advisory […]

https://ggapartners.com/2023/08/next-chapter-club-governance/ Between Members and Governance: Member Discipline Today

The call went something like this: “We need your advice in a disciplinary matter here at the club. It seems that one of our members was making offensive statements when a fellow […]

https://ggapartners.com/2023/08/member-discipline-club-governance/ Online Voting, Explained

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated digitization across many sectors, inspiring many to wonder: why didn’t we do things in this way before? This is indeed the case for electronic […]

https://ggapartners.com/2023/04/online-voting-explained/ What Do Members Want?

Some club leaders believe that it is a fool’s mission to try to understand what members want. In fact, it is quite simple…you need to ask members what they want. Michael […]

https://ggapartners.com/2023/03/what-do-members-want/ An Anatomy of Two Committees

Of all the club committees, none is more important that the nominating committee and none is less important than the executive committee. You may think it a radical thought, but […]

https://ggapartners.com/2022/09/anatomy-two-committees/ Corporate Policies and Best Practices for Proper Club Committee Alignment

More and more, private clubs are looking to corporations for policies and best practices in governance. For example, private clubs have realized the benefits of modeling the […]

https://ggapartners.com/2022/09/corporate-policies-best-practices-club-committee-alignment/ From Forming to Performing: Principles and Practices for Effective Club Committees

Regardless of how a club chooses to align committees within its governance model, there remains the challenge of how best to establish them (forming) and realize their full […]