What Do Members Want?

Some club leaders believe that it is a fool’s mission to try to understand what members want. In fact, it is quite simple…you need to ask members what they want. Michael […]

https://ggapartners.com/2023/03/what-do-members-want/ An Anatomy of Two Committees

Of all the club committees, none is more important that the nominating committee and none is less important than the executive committee. You may think it a radical thought, but […]

https://ggapartners.com/2022/09/anatomy-two-committees/ Corporate Policies and Best Practices for Proper Club Committee Alignment

More and more, private clubs are looking to corporations for policies and best practices in governance. For example, private clubs have realized the benefits of modeling the […]

https://ggapartners.com/2022/09/corporate-policies-best-practices-club-committee-alignment/ Key Metrics for Effective Management of Gen Z

Generation Z (Gen Z), representing those born between 1996 and 2010, is quickly graduating from “children of members” to Junior and Young Executive membership categories in […]

https://ggapartners.com/2022/09/metrics-effective-management-gen-z/ The Conversations That Shape Business Results

Every club manager understands the value of effective conversations, with members, guests, employees, Boards and other stakeholders. Equally as important, is how the club […]

https://ggapartners.com/2022/09/conversations-that-shape-business-results/ How to Use Performance Evaluation Effectively to Retain Best Talent

Amidst a global pandemic last year, businesses across the country began to face a new, unfamiliar challenge. 2021 saw the emergence of a global economic trend recognized as “The […]

https://ggapartners.com/2022/09/performance-evaluation-to-retain-best-talent/ From Private Club Leader to Private Club Advisor

Connecting my technical background to leadership development Growing as a professional has meant different things to me at various times in my career. After business school, my […]

https://ggapartners.com/2022/09/from-private-club-leader-to-private-club-advisor/ From Forming to Performing: Principles and Practices for Effective Club Committees

Regardless of how a club chooses to align committees within its governance model, there remains the challenge of how best to establish them (forming) and realize their full […]

https://ggapartners.com/2022/09/forming-performing-principles-practices-effective-committees/ The Challenge of Club Governance: An Interview with Damon DiOrio, CEO, Desert Mountain Club

Damon DiOrio, CCM, CCE has long been recognized as one of the top general managers in the private club industry, stemming from his 14 years leading the Charlotte Country Club and […]

https://ggapartners.com/2022/09/interview-damon-diorio-ceo-desert-mountain-club/ The Intricacies of Benchmarking Data

For years, we have proudly conducted industry research in collaboration with private club association across the globe, including the Club Management Association of Canada (CMAC), […]