5 Tips for “Yes” in Your Capital Call Communications

People fear change when they don’t understand the reason for it. And when they don’t understand the reason, they resist it. In our work related to capital investment […]

https://ggapartners.com/2023/04/5-tips-yes-capital-call-communications/ A Club Leader’s Perspective: Emerging Trends & Challenges

GGA Partners Releases A Club Leader’s Perspective on Emerging Trends & Challenges Research Report More than 500 club leaders weigh-in on trends, challenges, and pressing […]

https://ggapartners.com/2021/06/a-club-leaders-perspective-emerging-trends-and-challenges/ Mid-Year Predictions for the Second Half of 2021

At the start of the new year and in the spirit of planning, the thought leaders at GGA Partners sat down to predict what we believed to be coming throughout the year and shared our […]

https://ggapartners.com/2021/06/mid-year-predictions-for-the-second-half-of-2021/ Taking Club Elections Digital

The pandemic has accelerated the need to move the ballot box for club elections from paper to the computer and this trend will continue in the coming years. GGA Partners online […]

https://ggapartners.com/2021/03/taking-club-elections-digital-with-online-voting/ Life in Flux: The Evolving Priorities of Millennial Golfers

GGA Partners & Nextgengolf Release Findings from 5th Annual Research Study on Millennial Golf Community 2021 study reveals the habits, attitudes and preferences of over 1,600 […]

https://ggapartners.com/2021/03/gga-partners-2021-millennial-research-report/ 2021 Predictions on the Shape of the Next Normal

When we were introduced to COVID-19 in March 2020, no one had any indication that ten months later the number of cases and its toll on society would continue to rise. The […]

https://ggapartners.com/2021/01/2021-predictions-on-the-shape-of-the-next-normal/ Speaking the New Language of Brands

GGA Partners Releases New Whitepaper on Private Club Branding as Part of Thought Leadership Series ‘Speaking the New Language of Brands’ Now Available for Download TORONTO, […]

https://ggapartners.com/2020/07/speaking-the-new-language-of-brands/ Millennials & Golf’s Value Proposition

GGA Partners and Nextgengolf Release Findings from Annual Research Study on Millennial Golf Community Over 1,600 millennial golfers share habits, attitudes, and preferences about […]

https://ggapartners.com/2020/06/2020-millennial-research-report/ Not the Time to Wait

Henry DeLozier highlights three important points for club leaders to ramp up club operations and refine their game plan. When asked what steps they are taking to prepare their […]

https://ggapartners.com/2020/06/not-the-time-to-wait/ Planning For a Crisis

This article with authored by Henry DeLozier for Golf Course Industry magazine. On March 4, 2015, a single-engine, World War II-era training plane crashed onto the Penmar Golf […]