Budgeting Must Go On

In the wake of COVID-19 business must go on, so too must budgets be developed and approved to give clubs and their managers a roadmap for next year’s operations. Here are five […]

https://ggapartners.com/2020/09/budgeting-must-go-on/ Four HR Questions Club Boards Should Be Asking

When was the last time your club audited its human resources? Alignment between a club’s strategy and its employee offering is essential in order to enhance the overall club […]

https://ggapartners.com/2020/08/hr-questions-for-club-boards/ Members Worried About Their Club’s Financial Health; Say Their Return Contingent on Safe Conditions

Members Worried About Their Club’s Financial Health; Say Their Return Contingent on Safe Conditions TORONTO (August 11, 2020) – Private club members are worried about their […]

https://ggapartners.com/2020/08/members-worried-about-club-financial-health/ Winter is Coming…

Amidst the euphoria of clubs reopening, EMEA Partner Rob Hill encourages club leaders to look beyond 2020 and plan now to do all they can to maintain those gains, because starting […]

https://ggapartners.com/2020/08/winter-is-coming/ A Member’s Perspective: The Shifting Private Club Landscape

New GGA Partners Research Report Highlights Private Club Members’ Perspective on COVID-19 Impact More than 6,300 private club members share their attitudes toward the club […]

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How to Leverage the Information to Improve Operations Benchmarking standards are commonplace in most industries. These standards are set and updated based on defined and evolving […]

https://ggapartners.com/2018/11/golf-benchmarking-standards/ Harnessing the Power of Strategic Intelligence

When a club undergoes a strategic planning event, they do so by assessing a number of key data sets: member preferences, club operations, finances and market forces.  All of these […]