Executive Search: Chief Executive Officer for The Glencoe Club & The Glencoe Golf & Country Club

Chief Executive Officer The Glencoe Club and The Glencoe Golf & Country Club The Glencoe Club The Glencoe Club is Calgary’s premier private sports and social club […]

https://ggapartners.com/2023/10/executive-search-chief-executive-officer-for-the-glencoe-club-and-the-glencoe-golf-and-country-club/ Key Benchmarking Standards in the Golf Industry

How to Leverage the Information to Improve Operations Benchmarking standards are commonplace in most industries. These standards are set and updated based on defined and evolving […]

https://ggapartners.com/2018/11/golf-benchmarking-standards/ Make Grit a Habit

In the 2010 remake of True Grit, Arkansas farm girl Mattie Ross sets out on a quest to track down her father’s murderer. Knowing her journey will take her over tough terrain and […]

https://ggapartners.com/2018/08/true-grit/ Agronomic Planning – Avoid Canine Brunch

Those who know our firm are aware of the value we place on plans that focus resources and actions against strategic goals and objectives. But too often our plans turn into […]

https://ggapartners.com/2018/07/agronomic-planning/ Finding New Members

The need to grow membership keeps me up at night. Where should clubs focus their attention to find new members? A bleary-eyed Keith Richards awoke with music in his head. He […]

https://ggapartners.com/2018/06/finding-members/ The Equalizer

At one point in Neil Simon’s Tony Award-winning Biloxi Blues, Sgt. Merwin Toomey tells his young recruit, Eugene Morris Jerome, “If there were no such thing as problems, we […]

https://ggapartners.com/2018/05/equilizer/ Will Women Save Golf?

Golf has a tendency to exist in a vacuum, one where blinders we sometimes wear with pride make us inattentive to happenings outside the confines of our green fairways. But looking […]

https://ggapartners.com/2018/04/will-women-save-golf/ GGA Education Events Isolate Themes & Challenges Facing Club Leaders

Golf club executives have come together on both sides of the Atlantic as GGA continues its program of insight-led educational Symposiums, that deliver insights, research and […]

https://ggapartners.com/2018/04/gga-events-isolate-challenges-facing-leaders/ New Study Reveals The Truth About Millennial Golfers

• 75% of avid Millennial golfers will consider joining a private club in the future • Age 33 is the ‘sweet spot’ when avid Millennials are most likely to join a club • […]

https://ggapartners.com/2018/03/new-study-reveals-truth-about-millennial-golfers/ Is Your Club Truly Member-Centric?

In 2017, Toymaker LEGO announced that revenues had hit a record high, rising 6 per cent to DKr37.9bn (stg£4.4bn) – the highest ever annual level recorded in its 85-year history. […]