Michael Gregory

Michael Gregory

Thorough market analysis is a competitive advantage and an integral component of a strong strategic plan. The top clubs understand their competitive landscape and command their market area.
Graduated from the Eugene W. Stetson School of Business and Economics, Mercer University in Macon, Georgia (full golf scholarship).


Michael is a distinguished leader with a strong reputation and network in the private club industry. With nearly two decades of experience under his belt, he has honed his expertise in crafting strategic, intelligent solutions to help solve complex challenges faced by clubs across the globe.

As the lead of GGA’s Executive Search practice for North America, Michael excels in the art and science of matching the right talent to the right role. For over a decade, his keen eye for aligning an organization’s strategic vision with its human resource needs has been instrumental in guiding numerous private clubs towards their path to success.

Beyond his executive search role, Michael’s consultancy prowess extends to serving many of the top-tier private clubs across North America develop strategy. His adept consultancy services are driven by a strategic vision, deep industry knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to the club industry’s prosperity.

Michael’s dedication to the industry goes beyond his professional accomplishments. He actively engages with the Club Management Association of Canada, Club Management Association of America and Professional Golf Associations, playing a pivotal role in supporting multiple research and educational initiatives. Through his involvement, Michael contributes to the advancement and growth of the club management profession, ensuring its continuous development and evolution.

On the academic front, Michael was an All-American Scholar and Division I golfer at Mercer University, where he showcased his leadership prowess by captaining his team during his senior year. His love for sports continues today, as he still enjoys playing golf, embodying the spirit of the very clubs he serves. His rich sporting background provides him with a unique, insider perspective that adds an extra layer of depth to his executive search and consultancy services.