Market Analysis

Market Analysis

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GGA Partners deploys comprehensive and innovative techniques to provide intelligent, insightful, and well-considered advice to clients. Our expertise lies not only in the collection of relevant and accurate market research, but in providing clarity of output and critical direction on what it means for golf, club, and leisure facility operators.

Our approach to market research is highly thorough and systematic. We start by identifying the objective or management problem being faced. This is critical so we can focus on the information that is required to solve this problem.

We next determine the most appropriate methods of research, design a research plan, and then implement the appropriate data collection techniques. Such techniques include survey research, focus groups and interviews, performance analysis and observation, sourcing studies and data published by external sources such as those on population and households, regional development plans, and transportation trends.

With data collected, our team – leveraging both our proprietary technology and deep analytical expertise – processes and interprets all of the data gathered. We will typically provide two reports, one of which will present the results of the research and describe our methodology, and the other which will discuss the interpretations and critical learnings from the process.

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