Strategic Intelligence

Strategic Intelligence

The Premier Research & Analytics Support Service for Club Managers


Strategic Intelligence provides the research, analysis and insight club managers need to support planning, guide decision-making and measure success.

Strategic Intelligence (SI) is a suite of premier research and analytics support services for club managers. Club managers around the world are using GGA Partners’ Strategic Intelligence services and analysts to: i) arm them with critical research and data analytics; and ii) support them in their quest to focus their leadership team on what matters most to their club’s success. Subscribers are assigned a dedicated intelligence concierge who becomes the club manager’s direct line to GGA Partners research associates and business analysts. Our SI team becomes an extension of the club manager’s administrative team, helping to ensure that needed data is collected, analyzed, and correctly interpreted to make strategic decisions clearer, easier, and quicker.

SI is a subscription-based program in which GGA Partners executes research and analytics support services for the club on an annual basis. SI includes tools and support services for: i) gathering and analyzing member feedback in the right way for your club, ii) keeping a pulse on your club’s competitive market position and the changing landscape for fees, dues, membership categories and associated restrictions, and iii) presenting operational and financial performance in a manner that provides the necessary context. Through a combination of your club’s existing data, made-to-measure professional research, and GGA Partners’ independent expert analysis, our SI team tracks, trends and reports the most important information club managers need to help their team make informed, data-driven decisions and measure success.

The Suite

There are three core research areas and analytical elements which form the cornerstone of the SI suite. Combined, these elements provide a comprehensive investigation into mission-critical areas of club operations to inform and support the club’s long-range strategy. SI’s annual reports in these areas provide the most efficient method to achieve a full 360-degree view of all strategic forces impacting your club and deliver a comprehensive view of club performance at tremendous value. The links below provide a snapshot of the research, analysis, visualization and reporting tools you receive with your SI subscription.

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