Board Facilitation

Board Facilitation

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” – Peter Drucker


For golf, club, and leisure businesses, culture is governance. The reality is that club strategy — no matter how good and well-conceived — will be a victim to poor governance. GGA Partners’ board facilitation services are effective in ensuring that boards, directors, and management are strategically aligned and well-equipped to govern effectively and productively.

Board directors and officers are charged with the immense and thankless responsibility of servant leadership. GGA Partners facilitates regular board retreats, roundtables, focus groups, and strategy sessions with our clients to ensure that club and community leaders are aligned on strategic priorities, have clarity of vision, and operate effectively as a cohesive and productive unit.

Leveraging deep industry knowledge and expertise in strategy, GGA Partners’ board facilitation services bring a wealth of knowledge and enhanced accountability for club and community leaders. Our board sessions assess culture, explore ways to introduce change, cover the latest industry and sector-specific trends, introduce best practices, and are essential in shaping the future leadership capabilities of our clients.

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