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Given the state of over-supply for clubs in most metropolitan markets, brand management which enables effective market differentiation is essential. GGA Partners helps clients align their intentions with their values and the desires of consumers.

Few club and leisure businesses manage their brand consistently and lose brand authority in so doing. Some claim that their organizations are “private” and, therefore, not a commercial brand. These outdated beliefs are a sure-fire plan for damaging the long-term brand health of the business. Brand health, which means admiration, trust and desirability, is an important duty for club leaders. Brand knowledge and management have become just as important to the overall health of the organization as other fiduciary duties, such as strategic planning and financial security.

GGA Partners methodically assesses the state of a client’s brand identity by evaluating its value proposition to target market segments, identifying buyer motivations and marketshare, and aligning strategy with core values to enhance market impact. Our team’s deep experience and range of perspective provides clients combined brand audit and brand strategy solutions that are informed by custom-fit market research and a keen understanding of how golf, club, and leisure businesses operate.

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