Search Process

Search Process

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The GGA Partners process for executive search is deliberate, methodical, and systematic so that our clients secure competent, conscientious, and high-caliber candidates. To ensure seamless transition and effective integration, our services continue well after candidates have been selected and placed.

GGA Partners recommends the following approach to executive search:

Criteria & Job Description Development

GGA Partners will conduct an initial site visit to meet and interview search committee members and key staff members to ensure that all potential candidates will possess a cultural fit. We will use our vast professional network and knowledge of members and former exceptional staff to advance our understanding of role criteria and cultural requirements.

Candidate Sourcing

We will individually approach our stable of known, capable candidates and also advertise the position via our deep client database, relationships with national and state professional associations, and heavily followed social media platforms.

Candidate Screening & Evaluation

GGA Partners will interview references for each finalist candidate, conduct background checks which verify education and work history credentials, and execute a check of criminal records. We will provide written summaries of the reference investigations and background research pertaining to each finalist for advance review by the client’s search committee.


After the preferred candidate has been selected by the client, GGA Partners will assist the client to extend the position offer and negotiate matters relating to the compensation package, benefits, and other employment terms. We do not make any offers, commitments, or binding representations on behalf of our clients regarding any employment terms.

Post-Placement Assessment

We will execute three post-search reviews. First, we meet with the client and the successful candidate immediately after the newly hired executive is placed and recommend standards of best practice for onboarding the new executive to ensure a seamless transition.

Approximately three months after commencement of duties, we conduct brief, sequestered interviews with the new executive and the search committee lead to ensure that the onboarding phase of employment has been successful and to address any points of emphasis or clarification.

Third, GGA Partners will return on the executive’s first employment anniversary with the purpose of recommending to the client and the executive a best practice platform for an annual performance evaluation.

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