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Change is subject to momentum and GGA Partners is always prepared to deploy immediately and to great effect. Typically, a search for highly qualified candidates requires approximately 60-90 days’ time and unfolds like this:

Search Criteria & Position Description Development (1 week)

Working collaboratively with the client, GGA Partners establishes the balance of the search, develops the position description, and seeks to enhance search parameters by suggesting an array of best practice criteria. The position description includes facility history; background on community evolutions, lifecycle, and future outlook; insight into club culture, attributes that make the position attractive, educational requirements, and a detailed description of responsibilities.

Candidate Identification & Screening (4 weeks)

GGA Partners launches the search according to the established search criteria and targets a stable of known, capable candidates while maintaining openness to other unknown, yet highly competent, candidates. We update the client team weekly concerning progress, next steps, and the growing roster of preliminary qualified candidates.

Preliminary Interviews (3 weeks)

We execute personal interviews with potential candidates which are conducted in complete confidence with a focus on the candidate’s competence, integrity, and compatibility with the approved executive profile and position specifications. GGA Partners vets candidates, identifies ideal options, and disqualifies others before narrowing the candidate roster to a short list of three to five candidates. We introduce this group to the client search committee and coordinate scheduling for final-round interviews with successful candidates.

Final Interviews, Reference Checks & Negotiations (4 weeks)

We facilitate personal interviews for each finalist candidate with the client and deliver the results of the preliminary candidate interviews, reference and background checks, and any relevant information pertaining to specific candidates. After the preferred candidate has been selected by the client, GGA Partners will assist the client to extend the position offer and negotiate matters relating to the compensation package, benefits, and other employment terms. We do not make any offers, commitments, or binding representations on behalf of our clients regarding any employment terms.

Post-Placement Assessment (Day 1)

GGA Partners meets with the client and the successful candidate immediately after the newly hired executive is placed and recommend standards of best practice for onboarding the new executive to ensure a seamless transition.

Post-Placement Assessment (Day 30)

GGA Partners conducts brief, sequestered interviews with the new executive and the search committee lead to ensure that the onboarding phase of employment has been successful and to address any points of emphasis or clarification.

Post-Placement Assessment (Day 365)

GGA Partners returns on the executive’s first employment anniversary with the purpose of recommending to the client and the executive a best practice platform for an annual performance evaluation.

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