Capital Planning

Capital Planning

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


Golf, club, and community boards – as well as their CEOs, CFOs, treasurers, controllers, and finance committees – increasingly appreciate the need for an independent view on important funding decisions and expert advice on financing strategies, debt procurement, and capital management.

It is often said that clubs are “in the dues business.” In fact, fees and dues represent the most high-yield/high-margin sources of funds for golf, private club, and leisure-related businesses. Top-performing leaders understand that their club or community must consistently increase revenues from the various high-yield sources to achieve and sustain economic sustainability, which is paying all of the club’s costs and funding its future capital needs.

GGA Partners helps clients develop and align their facility’s capital management plan with long-term strategic objectives. Our approach is data-driven, guided by our proprietary global databank of key performance and best practice metrics delivered by our benchmarking technologies and research initiatives. We also retain capital planning expertise to identify delayed capital issues, plan long-term enhancement programs, and evaluate higher and best purpose. Our team also develop and execute funding strategies for M&A initiatives, strategic growth opportunities, and large capital expenditure projects.

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