Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” – Peter Drucker


Since 1992, our team has crafted strategic plans for private clubs, golf clubs and leisure businesses, both large and small and on several continents. The common thread we have observed is that the key to success often requires a change in how the organization thinks and operates.

At GGA Partners, we believe there is no document more important than a strategic plan, because strategy without process is little more than a wish list.

Our strategic planning process is a top-to-bottom review of all aspects of your organization. It is rigorous and thorough, and will provide fact-based recommendations to help your business succeed.

The key elements of our approach to strategic planning include:

Listening – to your board, your committees, the management team and your members through retreats, focus groups and surveys to determine whether the expectations of all parties are aligned with your organization’s vision.

Research – of the competitive marketplace, the business environment, your organization’s brand position, governance model and all aspects of your operations.

Analysis – of the internal and external data against well-researched best practices and benchmarks to determine where you are succeeding and the areas which must be improved.

Recommendations – based on the facts and data collected, a strategic plan of action that will guide your organization for the next five years is prepared.

Acceptance – the strategic plan is presented to the board and management team for review and final approval, after which GGA will present the plan to the members.

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