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There are three main components of member feedback that we believe are all essential to a best-practice member feedback strategy. All three components tie together and support insights that are stronger than the sum of the individual parts.

Real-Time Feedback drives tactical action for the Club. Club managers need to be able to interpret positive and negative experiences on a daily basis. Few clubs capitalize on all of the potential feedback outlets and touchpoints at the Club. In doing so, they are ‘reactive’ rather than ‘proactive’ in terms of making actionable improvements to the member experience.

Periodic Trending continues to be a critical measurement tool because it provide a baseline for satisfaction and a consistent trend year-over-year. It also lends itself best to benchmarking against similar club annual satisfaction levels. Real-time feedback is sporadic and is difficult to compare over the long-term, which is why a periodic survey of the entire membership that evaluates the key components of the overall member experience for the given period is an essential measurement tool.

Long Term Planning to define and refine the vision is a critical exercise of the strategic planning process, and requires continued member buy-in. The world is evolving more rapidly than ever, and with that comes the need to reassess how members plan to use the club and what they expect from the club experience. Policy changes, vision attributes, utilization preferences, membership structure changes and capital project planning are all components of long-term planning that require member feedback. Effective long-term planning surveys then leverage periodic trending and real-time feedback to help measure the outcomes of each planning cycle.

Solutions & Support Services

Member feedback comes in many forms, and GGA provides the full suite of support services to help from planning to implementation to insights. The list below highlights the most common types of member feedback requested and the different stages of support that GGA can provide to maximize the value you receive from your member feedback solution.

Feedback Type

Strategic Attitudinal Survey
Satisfaction Survey
Recurring Pulse Survey
Employee Engagement Survey
Capital Planning Survey
Board Self Assessment Survey
Departmental Questionnaire
Open Collector Feedback


Member/Mgmt/Board Focus Groups
Focus Group Report
Survey Design Support
Facilitation to members
Detailed Reporting and Analysis
Cross-Tabulation Analysis
Interpretations Report and Recommendations
Presentation to stakeholders

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