Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling

Measuring financial opportunity and mobilizing resources to achieve objectives.


With our heritage as the KPMG Golf Industry Practice, GGA Partners has deep roots in public accounting. Our experience with club and golf-specific asset development, financing, appreciation and investment strategies, means our team is uniquely qualified to assist club boards, owners, major financial institutions, individual investors and lenders with their most complex problems.

Every club, business, or project seeks to create sustainable value for its stakeholders. To achieve such value requires highly-informed decision making, clarity of vision and purpose, clinical processes and the talent to implement.

At GGA Partners we believe the most effective way for us to bring value to our clients is to become their partner. Together we develop clear, practical financial tools proven to deliver meaningful and enduring impacts on performance improvement. We tailor our solutions to the needs of our clients to help them solve problems and pursue opportunities.

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