Membership Strategy and Planning

Membership Strategy and Planning

Helping golf, club, and leisure businesses grow faster than the market.


GGA Partners specializes in developing the most appropriate membership, lifestyle and amenity solutions that will position a club or project for long-term success in the context of its financial circumstances and competitive landscape.

At GGA Partners, we invest a considerable amount of our time and resources in tracking and understanding global trends and best practices specific to club membership. Through our research platforms, we gain valuable insight on emerging opportunities and threats, and we use this information for the greater good of our golf, private club, and leisure clients.

These platforms include board retreats, member surveys, the GGA Partners Institute for Best Practice, industry surveys, market studies, and comprehensive analysis of third party regional and segmentation studies.

This vast bank of contemporary knowledge empowers our clients to learn of the most effective and creative ways clubs and leisure businesses across the globe are successfully reinvesting, marketing, and positioning themselves for the future.

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