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Member or customer satisfaction is a key performance indicator in the service industry. A club, hospitality, or leisure business must expect seek to have its performance evaluated based on its ability to both understand and meet the needs of those they serve. It is the ability to do so consistently that maximizes relevance and differentiates a good club from a great one.

GGA Partners is expert in capturing, measuring, benchmarking, and analyzing member and customer satisfaction. Our global research team is dedicated to supporting clubs and facilities in the measurement of customer satisfaction and, most critically, in the interpretation of such data to deliver positive outcomes and success. Our surveys provide a 360-degree view of member and customer satisfaction to help you focus on what really matters.

Our team will tailor a customized survey specifically to your golf, club, or leisure-related business, manage the distribution and response capture process, analyze satisfaction trends, benchmark attitudes against comparable facility profiles and peer groups, and present a report of findings, conclusions, and advisable actions to guide positive outcomes.

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