Executive Search: General Manager for The National Golf Club of Canada

    General Manager
The National Golf Club of Canada
Woodbridge, Ontario


I. The National Golf Club of Canada

Located in Woodbridge, just north of Toronto, Ontario, The National Golf Club of Canada (“The National” or the “Club”), Canada’s preeminent private golf club, is seeking an extraordinary leader to serve as General Manager of the Club.

The National is an equity golf club established in 1987 with 468 members. We pride ourselves on our commitment to golf, the golf experience and our renowned George and Tom Fazio (1974) golf course, which is consistently rated as one of the best in Canada and heralded internationally.

The role of General Manager at The National – the top-job in Canadian golf – offers an extremely challenging yet extraordinarily rewarding opportunity for a highly capable, experienced and respected professional. The General Manager will report to the Board of Directors and be responsible primarily to deliver, at the highest level and on a consistent basis, the Mission Statement of The National.

If you are an experienced, highly professional golf-industry leader who exudes excellence in golf, please submit your resume, in confidence, to GGA Partners.

II. Position

General Manager

III. Related Titles

General Manager

IV. Job Summary

  • Serves as General Manager of the club and delivers, above all, the Mission Statement of the Club.
  • Is responsible for all aspects of the club including its activities and the relationships between the Club and its board of directors, members, guests, employees, community, government and industry.
  • Sustains and administers the club’s policies as defined by the board of directors.
  • Directs the work of all department managers; monitors the budget; monitors the quality and maintains the world-class status of the golf course and of the golf club’s products and services, and ensures maximum member and guest satisfaction unless otherwise directed by the board of directors.
  • Secures and protects the club’s assets, including facilities and equipment.

V. Job Duties and Responsibilities  

  • Implements general policies established by the board of directors; directs their administration and execution.
  • Plans, develops and approves specific operational policies, programs, procedures and methods in concert with general policies and the board of directors.
  • Coordinates the development of the club’s short-range operational plan and ultimately a 5-year plan with the board of directors.
  • Develops, maintains and administers a sound organizational plan; initiates operational improvements and structures a plan for their implementation.
  • Monitors policies relating to personnel actions, training and professional development programs. Executes a human resources audit. Ensures the club’s current handbook covers all of the required topics (sexual harassment, vacation policy, etc.) as directed by the board of directors.
  • Maintains membership with the club managers’ and other professional associations.
  • Attends conferences, workshops and meetings to keep abreast of current information and developments in the field with the approval of the board of directors.
  • Coordinates development of operating and capital budgets according to the budget calendar; monitors monthly and other financial statements for the club; takes effective corrective action as required. Upon arrival, the general manager “tests” all budgets to ensure that they are supported by appropriate details. Ensures that each department’s methods for producing each line item are accurate and justified for all areas of the budget.
  • Coordinates and serves as ex-officio member of appropriate club committees.
  • Welcomes new club members; “meets and greets” all club members, as practical, during their visits to the club.

VI. Compensation

The Club will offer an attractive compensation package, commensurate with experience, which will include a competitive base salary, bonus opportunity and benefits.

VII. Application Process and Deadline

IMPORTANT: Interested candidates should submit resumes along with a detailed cover letter which addresses the qualifications and describes your alignment/experience with the prescribed position by Sunday, April 17, 2022.  Those documents must be saved and emailed in Word or PDF format (save as “Last Name, First Name, National Resume” and “Last Name, First Name, National Cover Letter”) respectively to: execsearch@ggapartners.com.

To learn more about the Club, visit www.nationalgolf.ca

Lead Search Executives

Michael Gregory
GGA Partners

Stephen Johnston
GGA Partners

National Club Association 2022 Member Survey

In a research collaboration with the National Club Association, we surveyed over 230 club leaders and board members across the globe on how their clubs are governed, the use of strategic plans to guide decision making, and the methods and effectiveness of their brand communications. The data collected through this survey provides club leaders the ability to compare their governance, strategy and communications operating model and methods. The survey also identifies the challenges private club leaders anticipate in the changing economy as they navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.



Private club boards are becoming more sophisticated, employing a corporate approach of focusing on strategic issues and delegating authority to the General Manager to manage operations. Although traditions die hard in the club community, the benefits of smaller boards, flexible terms and more efficient election processes have helped private club boards to do more by doing less. As clubs move from contested election processes, their pool of members willing to serve on their boards increases as does the quality of their board members, who are elected on their ability to serve as effective governors.


Seven in ten (71.3%) of respondent clubs rely on strategic plans to .guide their decision making. The top two strategic initiatives are improving member satisfaction, and the means to generate capital for improvements

Brand and Communications

Private clubs employ a variety of methods to stay abreast of member sentiment, including focus groups, surveys, listening sessions and polls. Board communications appear to be increasing, with more than 30% issuing updates on a monthly basis. Seven of ten respondents rate their members communications efforts as effective, while just over one in ten (12%) believe they could do a better job.

Education & Resources

Continuing education related to trends, best practices and policies related to governance, labor, legal and operations are the desired intelligence NCA and GGA Partners can provide to help Board Members and club managers operate their facilities more effectively and efficiently.

Read the Report

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Executive Search: Director of Food and Beverage for Wianno Club


    Director of Food and Beverage
Wianno Club
Osterville, Massachusetts

Our Club

Perched on a bluff overlooking Nantucket Sound, the Wianno Club has been providing generations of families the perfect setting to gather for celebrations, reunions and annual vacations since 1916.

The club, located in the Wianno Historic District, encompasses 156 acres in Osterville, Massachusetts. The amenities available at this private, seasonal club include an 18-hole Donald Ross golf course, 9 outdoor clay tennis courts, private ocean beach, private lake beach, golf shop, tennis pro shop, locker rooms for men and women, youth camps, Junior programs and fitness programs.

The centerpiece of the Wianno Club is the 50,000+ square foot Main Clubhouse where members, their families and guests gather to enjoy a myriad of dining options ranging from formal to casual. The dining facilities include the main dining room, the ballroom,  Sea View dining area, the Wicker Room, Terrace Room, Library, Golf House Restaurant and Seaside Cafe.

The club also has overnight 96 rooms in the clubhouse and adjacent cottages to accommodate members, their guests and seasonal staff.


  • 630 Members – 450 Regular; 180 Non-Resident
  • Initiation Fee – $115,000
  • Annual Dues – $10,440, Capital Dues- $1,566
  • $10.65M Gross Volume
  • $4.5M Annual Dues
  • $3.5M F&B Volume
  • $5.0M Gross Payroll
  • Employees – 55 F&B in-season
  • 17 Board Members
  • Average age of members – 64

Director of Food and Beverage Position

The Director of Food and Beverage is responsible for all the clubs’ food and beverage operations as well as the dissemination of hospitality, friendliness and goodwill among members, guests and staff. His/her number one priority is to ensure members and guests enjoy the facilities and events of the Club.

In addition to building relationships with Club members, guests, and employees, the Director of Food & Beverage provides support to the respective committees and advisory groups. As the public face of these operations, a hands-on approach, and understanding that full member and staff engagement is critical, is required to succeed in this position.

The Director of Food and Beverage consistently provides anticipated and enhanced hospitality along with superb dining and other food and beverage experiences for the Club’s membership and their guests. Alignment with the Executive Chef is very important in this position to ensure collaborative, innovative, harmonious relationships between front- and back-of-house operations.

This Director of Food & Beverage reports to the Director of Club Operations and works alongside the Executive Chef. He/she will also prepare annual department budgets in concert with the General Manager and CFO.

Personnel reporting directly to the Food & Beverage Director include:

  • Assistant F&B Director
  • Seasonal F&B Assistant Manager
  • Banquet Manager and Captains
  • Sea View Room (casual dining) Manager and Captains
  • Golf House F&B Supervisor
  • Snack Bar Supervisors
  • Terrace Room Supervisor
  • All FOH F&B Staff – servers, bartenders, food runners etc.

Primary Responsibilities

Member Services

  • Consistent, highly-visible, sincere and significant engagement with members and staff
    in the dining areas of the club is of the utmost importance. It is the ultimate responsibility of the Director of Food and Beverage to ensure all member dining, amenities and club events are well-conceived and executed.
  • Provide quality leadership in a positive and upbeat manner for the members, guests
    and staff.
  • Create and maintain a first-class service culture throughout the Club campus.
  • Address and resolve all member and guest complaints, suggestions, general service, employee attitude, maintenance, and presentation of the clubhouse operations.

Employee Relations

  • Oversee the recruitment, hiring and development of all food and beverage personnel.
  • Oversee ongoing training programs complete with up-to-date training manuals to ensure exceptional service in all parts of the Club’s operation.
  • Provide for training and future development of all subordinate managers and supervisors, subject to budget approval by the General Manager. Instill the concept of being team players in all employees. Continue to coach, counsel, and evaluate departmental staff.
  • Ensure a positive spirit and healthy work environment exists throughout all club operations, one that is free of safety risks and all forms of employee harassment.
  • Maintain an effective two-way communications program with employees to ensure they are treated in a fair, structured and consistent manner.
  • Function as an administrative and communications link between club departments.
  • Guarantee that all clubhouse employees are regularly trained and certified in areas that help guard the safety and well-being of our members, guests and other employees including, but not limited to, responsible alcohol service, safe food handling, etc.
  • Help to facilitate a team environment with positive morale, high ethical standards and efficient use of resources to position the Wianno Club as the preferred employer of choice in the community.

Financial Management

  • Work jointly with the CFO, Director of Club Operations and General Manager to prepare the annual operating and capital budgets for all food and beverage operations; assist in the management and control of operations to attain the desired results.
  • Monitor the budget each week/month and direct any corrective action, as necessary,
    to assure budgeted goals are attained.
  • Provide input for all clubhouse and service personnel regarding annual budgets, capital spending plans, fiscal controls and operational guidelines.
  • Manage and maintain all labor cost payouts within the constraints of the budget, and through close coordination and approval from the General Manager and CFO.
  • Monitor payroll records to control overtime and maintain labor costs within budgetary guidelines.
  • Supervise the purchase, receipt, safekeeping and disbursement of operating supplies and equipment to maximize quality and profitability.

Personnel Management

  • Display a strong hands-on approach and lead the staff by example.
  • Maintain an environment of approachability by staff, members and guests.
  • Assist the General Manager in developing and implementing long-range (strategic) and annual (business) plans, operating reports, forecasts and budgets.
  • Work with Human Resources to develop long-term staffing needs for each area of responsibility.
  • Own the responsibility for hiring, discipline, termination and documentation of all food, beverage and service staff.
  • Review all accidents and work with HR and Safety Committee to complete accident reports and implement improved procedures to prevent the situation from reoccurring.
  • Attend senior management meetings and carry out directives agreed upon during the meetings along with any other requests of the General Manager. All actions must be carried out in a timely manner.
  • Serve as an ad-hoc member of appropriate club committees and advisory groups.
  • Possess a warm personality, a sense of humor and the ability to work effectively with all levels of staff and members.
  • Work with the Executive Chef, Food & Beverage Manager and others to develop P&L statements prior to each event. Produce an event recap along with all appropriate documentation/history, keeping it on file for future use.
  • Work with Executive Chef on menu development.
  • Work with the F&B team to organize and market special club events.
  • Further his/her own continued development as a club management professional as a member of CMAA. With the assistance and approval of the General Manager participate in appropriate seminars/training programs, thereby enhancing his/her value and quality of services to the Wianno Club.

Operational Responsibilities

  • Understand and abide by the Wianno Club policies and departmental procedures. Suggest changes, and when appropriate, direct the implementation of approved changes.
  • Provide content for, and manage communications and marketing information, of department activities and events for all F&B departments.
  • Assure Food and Beverage operations and campus venues are run in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal laws.
  • Disseminate information effectively and coordinate activities between departments
    in a timely manner.
  • Alert the General Manager of all potential problems and activities related to the smooth operation of the clubhouse and other food service venues.
  • Oversee inventory management throughout departments and complete a periodic china, glass and silver inventory to maintain par levels.
  • Coordinate and approve all entertainment in consultation with General Manager and others.
  • Possess a sharp eye for detail in the overall management of the operation.
  • Report performance and financial data, e.g., weekly report to General Manager in a timely manner.

Candidate Qualifications

  • Minimum 5 years of progressive leadership and management experience in a private club or hospitality environment.
  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university, preferably in Hospitality Management or Business.
  • Certified Club Manager (CCM) or in active pursuit of designation preferred.

Note: A pre-employment background check will be required. The position is available immediately.

Salary & Benefits

Salary is open and commensurate with qualifications and experience. The Club offers an excellent bonus and benefit package.


IMPORTANT: Interested candidates should submit résumés along with a detailed cover letter which addresses the qualifications and describes your alignment/experience with the prescribed position by Monday, April 4, 2022.

These documents must be saved and emailed in Word or PDF format (save as “Last Name, First Name, Wianno DF&B Cover Letter” and “Last Name, First Name, Wianno DF&B Résumé”) respectively to: execsearchus@ggapartners.com.

All requested information, along with references, should be emailed to the address above.


For more information about Wianno Club, please visit www.wiannoclub.com