New Partnership Promises to Deliver Vibrant Future for England Club Managers

CMAE England Engages GGA Partners to Develop Strategic Plan

WARWICKSHIRE, England (October 27, 2020) – CMAE England has announced the engagement of GGA Partners™, the international consulting firm working with many of the world’s most successful private clubs, resorts, golf courses and residential communities, to facilitate the development of a five-year strategic plan for the association.

Established in 1992 as North America’s KPMG Golf Industry Practice, the independent firm has provided industry-leading advisory services to more than 3,000 clients worldwide. GGA has been recognised as “Strategic Planning Firm of the Year” by Boardroom Magazine and brings an unmatched financial, marketing, and operational focus to each of its strategic assignments. This extensive expertise was critical for CMAE England in their choice of strategic planning partner.

“CMAE England is founded on a dedication to club management excellence, education, knowledge-sharing, supporting career progression and on our powerful network of club professionals,” explained Chairman of CMAE England, Tristan Hall. “The board believes it is time to reaffirm these values, and the strategy employed, to deliver a vibrant and sustainable future for the Association.”

“In securing the services of GGA Partners, we have retained the very best strategic advisory team in the industry to guide and inform this critical process,” said Hall.

Distinguished in its ability to build enduring value, GGA’s work will continue beyond the development of the strategic plan to ensure its strategy drives significant improvement. As a result, CMAE is pleased to announce that GGA Partners™ has made a multi-year commitment to support the association as a Corporate Partner.

Rob Hill, Managing Partner of GGA’s EMEA Office, said, “GGA and CMAE are passionate about the value of informed decision-making and strategic planning. We appreciate the privilege of being asked to serve CMAE England in shaping its future and to demonstrate our support for the professional development of club leaders throughout England”.

GGA Partners™ has offices in Toronto, Canada; Phoenix, USA, and Dublin, Ireland. For further information about GGA Partners™ visit:


About CMAE England Region

The Club Management Association of Europe (CMAE) England Region is a non-profit making professional association with members involved in the management of sports clubs (golf, tennis, sailing, rowing, rugby, football, cricket), health & fitness clubs, leisure, city and dining clubs located throughout England. The CMAE provides a forum for the encouragement, development and recognition of education and professionalism in Club Management. For more information, please visit

About GGA Partners™

GGA Partners is an international consulting firm and trusted advisor to many of the world’s most successful golf courses, private clubs, resorts, and residential communities. We are dedicated to helping owners, asset managers, club and community leaders, investors and real estate developers tackle challenges, achieve objectives, and maximize asset performance.

Established in 1992 as the KPMG Golf Industry Practice, our global team of experienced professionals leverage in-depth business intelligence and proprietary global data to deliver impactful strategic solutions and lasting success. For more information, please visit


Media Contacts:

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GGA Partners
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Debbie Goddard
CMAE England Region
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Executive Search: General Manager at Camp Lake James


Nebo, NC

The Club:

Camp Lake James is an incredible lakeside adventure center in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just 45 minutes east of Asheville, NC, surrounded by thousands of acres of public land with access to hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails.

Perfectly situated in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, Camp Lake James is a private, member-owned social club which offers the ultimate in lake lifestyle. The Camp is a rustic resort where neighbors socialize, stop by for lunch or drinks on the dock, lounge by the pool or slip into the hot tub, take a paddleboard or kayak out on the lake, hit up the gym, or play lawn games and roast marshmallows at the fire pit.

The Camp has everything members and guests need to relax, play, and create special memories with family, friends, and neighbors. Members of the community spend their days kayaking or canoeing on clear mountain waters, cooling off in the pool, or unwinding around a crackling campfire while roasting marshmallows. After a day on the lake, nothing is better than kicking back at the Social Hall and getting a bite to eat at the County Line Canteen.

The expert staff at the Camp ensure that time spent here is truly memorable and the Activities Director organizes events throughout the year and plans unique, popular events for all ages. Members enjoy wine tastings, camping and ski trips, holiday parties, bonfires on the beach, movies under the stars, family sports, games, crafts, and a dinner club.

Members soak-in nature walks along the shores of Lake James while listening for native frog calls or enjoy a glass of wine during Friday nights “Drinks at the Dock” and Saturday Socials with friends and neighbors. A day at the Camp holds as much or as little diversion as they desire.

Members are warmly welcomed and enjoy resort-style amenities at Camp Lake James when they purchase a home or homesite in 1780 or Old Wildlife Club, both dazzling communities on Lake James. A limited number of recreational licenses enable others to join the Camp, affording access to a resort-style pool, outdoor spa, tennis courts, fishing pond, state-of-the-art fitness facility, and much more.

Camp Lake James At A Glance

– Social Hall & County Line Canteen
– Resort-style pool, outdoor spa, and toddler pool
– State-of-the-art indoor fitness facility
– Beach area with canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards
– Expo Center with bar, snacks, lounge and fireplaces
– Tennis and pickleball courts
– Outdoor amphitheater & fire pit
– Game room & lawn games
– Hully Gully fishing pond
– Boat docking for members
– Neighborhood trail access

Camp Lake James Overview

– 321 Member families (homesites)
– $1.80M Gross volume
– $750K Annual dues
– $600K Rental revenue
– $250K F&B/Events volume
– 25 Employees in-season; 8-9 off-season
– 5 Board members

The General Manager Position:

The General Manager of Camp Lake James is responsible for maintaining a constant focus on the Camp’s commitment to instill a culture of continuous improvement and elevation of the member experience in every area of the operation. An understanding of and appreciation for the nuances and training involved in cultivating this type of cultural environment is required.

The General Manager reports to the Board of Directors and coordinates with the President of the Board on a regular basis. The General Manager implements the policies established by the Board and the Camp’s bylaws. He/she develops operational policies and is responsible for the creation and implementation of standard operating procedures for all areas. This includes the preparation of the annual operating and capital budgets and management of operations to attain the desired results consistent with strategic vision and planning.

The General Manager coordinates all management functions and works in concert with committee chairs in assisting them in the development of proposed policies, programs, events, etcetera.

The General Manager is the lead coordinator of programming and development of synergy among all departments. Overseeing the Camp’s strategies for high levels of member engagement and satisfaction with Camp experience is a critical part of the position.

Connecting with members and staff is a top priority, the General Manager should have a strong presence and seek to be highly visible to the membership and staff. He or she sets the tone for consistently treating members with first class hospitality and communicates this expectation to the entire staff as well. The overarching focus of the General Manager, and the focus instilled in his or her team, should be on the overall member experience.

Important Individual Characteristics:

The General Manager is responsible to “lead by example”, the camaraderie and engaging nature that is seen throughout the Camp must be exemplified by the General Manager in a natural and intuitively engaging style. He/she must “walk the talk” and exhibit a passion for developing and maintain an environment of extreme hospitality.

– A naturally enthusiastic personality and passion for the club management and hospitality profession.
– A natural leadership style which promotes staff and membership engagement.
– A mind for innovation and action with an ability to act as a thought partner with the board, committees, and homeowners.
– The ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
– Experience overseeing small-scale and large-scale service and facility enhancements.
– Ability to create and implement strategic plans, with disciplined follow-through to ensure the vision and goals of the Camp come to fruition.
– Ability to cultivate a high-level of member services and satisfaction.
– Possess a strong understanding of top-notch food and beverage and event experiences for Camp members and guests.
– Effective fiscal management through delivery of actual operational and capital results in alignment with approved budgets.
– Maintain a high level of visibility to members and staff as the face of the Camp.
– Understands the importance of digital communication and can utilize web and social media tools to communicate with the staff and membership.
– Ability to anticipate how the Camp needs to evolve, done by being actively networked in the club industry and being on the forefront of trends in hospitality, club management, and lifestyle communities.

Candidate Qualifications:

– A minimum of 3-5 years of progressive leadership and management experience in a private club or hospitality environment.
– A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university, preferably in Hospitality Management or Business.
– Active involvement in CMAA or similar organizations where there is a strong network of peers that stay actively abreast of the industry, trends, and opportunities is preferred. Possessing a Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation, or working toward achieving one, is an advantage for applicants.

Note: A pre-employment drug screen and background check will be required. The position is available October 20, 2020.

Salary & Benefits:

Salary is open and commensurate with qualifications and experience. The Camp offers a compensation package which includes a performance bonus plus full benefits.


IMPORTANT: Interested candidates should submit resumes along with a detailed cover letter which addresses the qualifications and describes your alignment/experience with the prescribed position by Friday, November 13, 2020.

Documents must be saved and emailed in Word or PDF format (save as “Last Name, First Name, Camp LJ GM Cover Letter” and “Last Name, First Name, Camp LJ GM Resume”) respectively to: Please email resume with references.

For more information about Camp Lake James, please visit and for videos and information about the area.


Playing the Long Game

How do you plan for the future when the ground is shifting beneath your feet? When every day seems to bring a new forecast about the health of our fellow citizens, our economy and our environment?

The answer is simple for some. They’ll simply turn away from long-term opportunities and challenges while taking refuge in what seems slightly less murky: tomorrow, next week or next month.

That approach may feel safe, but it’s not what your board or your ownership expect. They hired you to be the long-term caretaker of their clubs and facilities and the guardian of their relationships with loyal members and customers. They expect someone in your position to have a plan, not only for getting through our current mess, but also for positioning the business for success well into the future.

So, what are those kinds of leaders doing to prepare? Our observations suggest five things at the top of their lists.

1. They’re looking ahead … way ahead.

Some economists predict that the U.S. economy will not return to pre-pandemic levels until 2023. That means visionary facility managers and club leaders of every description should be looking not only around the corner, but also over the horizon to get ready for a post-pandemic world. Those leaders see things differently.

  • They see opportunity rising out of increasing golfer participation, as families and friends view golf courses as a primary platform for socialization and outdoor exercise.
  • They see increasing outdoor dining options, where picnicking, farm baskets and patio-dining alternatives are meeting the need for socially distanced outings.
  • With high unemployment levels, they see opportunities to upgrade their staff’s performance and service levels.

2. They’re taking care of their people.

In several recent national polls, including Gallup and Harris, a strong majority of employees say they feel their employer is looking out for their best interests. (Similarly, a survey of private club members in the U.S. and Canada conducted by our firm found that members feel highly positive about the performance of their clubs throughout the coronavirus crisis.)

It’s easy to show your team members that you care for their well-being and that you respect their dedication during difficult times. You can write a personal note of thanks and invite them into your office for a conversation and remind them of their importance. You can encourage them to bring their family to the course as part of “family day.”

Your best people are your most important asset. You’ll need them prepared and energized to lead your business into the future.

3. They’re aware of shifting market conditions.

External influences are changing our views on leisure activities and disposable income. It’s critical that club leaders understand the unbiased and unvarnished trends influencing golf.

In the GGA Partners’ survey, roughly four in five members reported either an increase in importance or no change in the club’s importance in their lives. However, survey respondents were not optimistic about their club’s financial position. Seventy-one percent expect a decline in the financial health of their club. Fifty percent cited current economic conditions and 42% said a decline in member spending would lead to the decline, which 20% predicted would be “significant.”

A surge in golfer participation that many courses have enjoyed in the past several months should not be construed as a guarantee of future success. When there are few other distractions, golf is proving a popular, socially distanced alternative entertainment. But leaders planning for the long term are taking nothing for granted and shoring up service levels to make sure they continue to deliver unquestioned value.

4. They’re realistic and preemptive.

Hopefully, an approved coronavirus vaccine will be rolled out soon. If an approved vaccine is delayed, however, progressive leaders have contingency plans. For golf superintendents, club managers and other leaders, realistic planning requires careful review of revenue capabilities and overhead arising from on-going operational costs.

Here are some steps to take in preparing for 2021:

  • Review your staffing model and search for efficiencies. Now may be time to update and refine your organization of management, taking into account changing attitudes about work/life balance.
  • Re-think your plan of work model. Perhaps mowing in the afternoons opens up desirable morning tee times and makes your work on less crowded fairways more efficient. Likewise, evaluate work such as tree trimming and bulk clean-up and consider outsourcing or moving such projects to the off-season.
  • Monitor inventory levels. There is no need for a full fuel storage tank during the off-season, for example. Procure what you will use more efficiently.

5. They’re planning on success.

Imagine your facility on its best day ever. You and your team make those days happen when you dream big and work toward a future that delivers the best of your talents and imagination. Don’t be shy. You can be realistic while also making sure your plans include a few “shoot the moon” and BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goals) aspirations.

Dramatic and unpredictable times like those we’re living in create multiple challenges that can seem daunting. But they also bring out the best in those who plan for success.

This article was authored by Henry DeLozier for Golf Course Industry magazine.  Henry returned GCI’s Beyond the Page podcast to discuss long-range planning in a conversation with Golf Course Industry managing editor Matt LaWell. Listen to the playback below and visit the GCI website to subscribe to the Beyond the Page podcast.


(16-minute listen, 02:30-18:50)