Executive Search: Director of Food and Beverage for Medinah Country Club


Director of Food and Beverage
Medinah Country Club
Chicago, IL

The Club

Located 25 miles west of Chicago in a suburb bearing its name, Medinah Country Club (Medinah) is home to three world-class golf courses, and a robust community of health and wellness, casual dining, and engaging social activities.

Members and their guests have a plethora of amenities and activities from which to choose. Golf is available on three world-class golf courses. Players of all ages can improve their games at the Golf Learning Center and practice on the putting greens or at the short game area. Tennis afficionados enjoy racquet sports all year-round on four Har-Tru clay courts in fair weather and four platform tennis courts during the winter. The pool complex features areas for the young and young at heart along with a full snack bar. Members and guests also head to the Cabana Bar area to cool off with a cold drink in the summer heat. And Juniors are kept busy year-round with programs for golf, tennis, swim and dive.

When it comes to enjoying a meal at Medinah, members have their choice of six dining areas to enjoy healthy farm-to-table meals featuring produce grown on property. In the organic garden—tucked away just inside the club’s main gate—over 25 beds have been planted fruits, vegetables, herbs, garnishes and edible flowers. The Club also has its own bee colony to pollinate the garden and provide fresh honey.

Besides providing food for Medinah’s members, the gardens, coops, and other all-natural sources are part of a concerted effort to create a homey, nurturing, comforting, and intimate community.

Another unique eating experience at Medinah is provided by its own food truck serving smoothies, handmade burgers, seasonal street foods and grab-and-go snacks at key stops on the golf courses and at events throughout the year.

For nearly 100 years, Medinah Country Club has served as a consummate host of major tournaments and a private club providing incomparable golf and a legacy of families coming together through the generations to enjoy a lifestyle unlike any other.


  • Members – 1,100
  • Initiation Fee – $100,000
  • Annual Dues – $13,248; Capital Dues- $2,424
  • Gross Volume – $25MM
  • Annual Dues – $10MM
  • F&B Volume – $6.8MM
  • Gross Payroll – $11.4MM
  • Employees – 430 for entire Club
  • Board Members – 13
  • Average age of members – 56


Medinah Country Club has, since 1924, enjoyed a vast and rich history. Medinah Country Club is truly a special place, and its staff is the cornerstone of its organization. Medinah employs people who are genuinely passionate about hospitality and approach customer service with the purest of attitudes. It is their commitment to excellence that provides an unparalleled experience for members and honored guests each and every day, and it looks forward to building upon this foundation.

The Position

Director of Food and Beverage 

The Director of Food & Beverage is ultimately responsible for Clubhouse Food and Beverage Service operations, to include member dining and banquet operations as well as other additional ancillary F&B operations. The Director is the public face of these operations and as such, must exhibit a hands-on approach and understanding that full on-the-floor member and staff engagement is critical to success in this position. The Director consistently provides superb dining and other food and beverage experiences for the Medinah members and guests. A positive and supportive relationship with the Culinary, Catering and Banquet Service teams is very important to this position to ensure a collaborative and harmonious working environment between front and back of house operations.

The Director of Food & Beverage reports to the Assistant General Manager and works alongside the Executive Chef. He/she will also prepare annual department budgets in concert with the General Manager and CFO.

Personnel reporting directly to the Director of Food & Beverage include:

  • Food & Beverage Manager(s)
  • Banquet Manager and Captains
  • Beverage Manager
  • Caterings Managers(s)
  • Executive Chef
  • Lodge & Stands Manager
  • All FOH F&B Staff – servers, bartenders, food runners etc.

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Daily operational oversight of member dining for Oasis and Fireside restaurants, the club bars, (Casbah, Mecca, Golfers Bar) and halfway houses. Daily oversight also includes the F&B service at The Lodge, Racquet Center and Golf Learning Center, as well as Banquet Service Operations.
  • Serve as the primary coordinator of the aforementioned areas for budgeting, hiring, training, orientations, associate supervision and team culture to ensure all is done in accordance with approved Club policies and is compliant with governmental regulations.
  • Develop and monitor the required operational budgets and procedures to provide direction and controls for food and beverage operations and costs; implement corrective procedures as necessary to help ensure that budget goals are attained.
    Have a strong, highly visible and respectful presence with the membership; be an exceptional communicator with strong interpersonal skills and the maturity to instinctively know how to treat members and guests with a high-level of service. The F&B Director must be able to communicate these expectations to a staff with diverse backgrounds and motivate them positively to understand and execute to those expectations.
  • Establish and maintain standard operating procedures and processes for all dining areas.
  • Oversee all dining areas to ensure a smooth and consistent experience, common within all operations, that delivers high levels of member and guest satisfaction, quality food products and exemplary service.
  • Develop and implement marketing programs to increase dining rooms, bars, banquet, and club event participation in F&B related activities.
  • Hold weekly staff meetings with direct reports to communicate necessary and relevant activities and expectations at the Club. Assist in planning and be responsible for ensuring special club events are well-conceived and executed.
  • Oversee all banquets and social functions, including member and club events as well as events sponsored by members.
  • Be responsive to members and strive to find creative ways to accommodate reasonable requests.
  • Clearly understand the metrics for successful attainment of financial goals and objectives in F&B operations, and consistently review these expectations with the direct reports to ensure understanding and buy-in from those contributing to their attainment.
  • Have a strong sense of urgency and responsiveness, while also maintaining the quality and integrity of each department.
  • Ensure adherence to, and compliance with, all health, safety, liquor consumption, and all other food and beverage regulations. Keep current on all matters pertaining to the food and beverage industry.
  • Consistently monitor payroll and labor resource allocations to ensure they are in line with financial forecasting and goals.
  • Be an active and dynamic recruiter of team members and someone who inherently enjoys developing and building his/her team and leading them to significant, positive membership satisfaction outcomes.
  • Be a collaborative team player who is willing to be hands on when necessary but understands when to step back and lead the team.
  • Involve associates in the decision-making process of how work gets done and create a work environment people want to come to, and participate in, every day.
  • Have a passion and aptitude for teaching, training, and developing educational programs for all food service personnel, working as necessary with the managers directly responsible for those operations.
  • Be a focused and consistent evaluator of personnel, ensuring that standards of conduct and delivery are met; this includes oversight of high standards of appearance, hospitality, service, and cleanliness of the clubhouse facilities.
  • Establish and consistently enhance operating standards for personnel in areas of responsibility and regularly evaluate knowledge, understanding and execution to these high standards.
  • Conduct and/or oversee training programs for food service personnel on various issues including service techniques, knowledge of menu items and daily specials, sanitation, team building and conflict resolution; regularly test and evaluate knowledge and understanding of these expectations.
  • Ensure staff participation in an effective orientation and onboarding program for all areas of responsibility, along with consistent professional development and training.
  • Work closely with Executive Chef, to facilitate a strong relationship between both front- and back-of-the-house departments.
  • Ensure that associates clearly understand performance expectations and that assigned tasks are reasonable, well-conceived and appropriately conveyed. Provide resources necessary to allow employees to perform their jobs effectively and create an exceptional ambience for members and guests.
  • Conduct annual performance reviews in accordance with club policy and expectations.
  • Establish and uphold expectations for dress, decorum and other service standards and consistently monitor for adherence.
  • Take personal ownership of the areas of responsibility, with special attention to the physical plant and overall appearance of the operation and understand the need to be consistently member-ready in both appearance and service.
  • Ensure the Assistant General Manager is kept informed of all issues that affect members, guests, and staff.
  • Support the Assistant General Manager by leading F&B initiatives as well as future development projects and providing operational expectations, guidance, and leadership.
  • Perform other duties as designated by the Assistant General Manager and senior management.


  • Must have the ability to promote the clubs F&B services and facilities; a practical knowledge of food, beverage, service costs, preparation and pricing is important.
  • Possess knowledge of social customs and etiquette is essential; imagination and initiative are great assets.
  • Be detail-oriented with a strong ability to multi-task and work under deadlines.
  • Be comfortable working with all types of personalities in a diplomatic and pleasant manner.
  • Position best suited for candidate with a degree from a hotel or restaurant training school/college and 10-15 years progressive experience in Food & Beverage Management within private club or hotels.
  • Multi-unit restaurant experience is a prerequisite.
  • Possess strong computer and related technology skills.
  • Must be able to sit or stand for long periods of time and lift up to 35 pounds.
  • Must have a professional presence, business dress attire, and strong interpersonal skills.

Candidate Qualifications

  • Minimum 5 years of progressive leadership and management experience in hotel, resort, private club or hospitality environment.
  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university, preferably in Hospitality Management or Business preferred.
  • Certified Club Manager (CCM) or in active pursuit of designation preferred.

Note: A pre-employment background check will be required. The position is available immediately.

Salary & Benefits

Salary is open and commensurate with qualifications and experience. The Club offers an excellent bonus and benefit package.


IMPORTANT: Interested candidates should submit résumés along with a detailed cover letter which addresses the qualifications and describes your alignment/experience with the prescribed position by Friday, September 16, 2022.

These documents must be saved and emailed in Word or PDF format (save as “Last Name, First Name, Medinah DF&B Cover Letter” and “Last Name, First Name, Medinah DF&B Résumé”) respectively to: execsearchus@ggapartners.com.

All requested information, along with references, should be emailed to the address above.


For more information about Medinah Country Club, please visit www.medinahcc.org.


The Intricacies of Benchmarking Data

For years, we have proudly conducted industry research in collaboration with private club association across the globe, including the Club Management Association of Canada (CMAC), National Club Association (NCA) and the Club Management Association of America (CMAA). Regardless of the survey, one notion has consistently remained: analyzing research data to derive insight is complex.

The primary purpose of our most recent survey initiative in collaboration with CMAA, 2022 A Club Leader’s Perspective: Emerging Trends & Challenges (CLP) is “To explore the perspectives club leaders have about the industry and their club’s performance.”

The CLP research is not intended to provide comprehensive benchmarking for use in evaluating individual club performance, but rather to provide an overview of trends in the industry from the perspective of club leaders. And these perspectives are derived from a diverse cross-section of clubs, including a variety of club types, in different markets and with different business models. For instance, almost 20% of the 2022 CLP survey respondents represented for-profit clubs, which at times structure their business models differently than non-profit, member-owned clubs.

Why is this important?

Our firm routinely conducts comprehensive benchmarking and operational reviews for clients, and while we recognize the value of self-reported data, we do not rely on survey responses from any of our trends surveys or other industry surveys. For benchmarking to be effective, it requires in-depth financial analysis at the trial balance level, understanding of the key physical characteristics of a club’s facilities, understanding of the club’s operating hours and service offerings, and understanding of staffing, including head counts, full-time equivalents, salaries, wages, and benefits, with comparisons only drawn to truly comparable clubs. There is rigorous analysis required in conducting benchmarking.

Comparisons of aggregated data without detailed analysis and without context provided to club leaders by experienced professionals with respect to what the results mean to their club given their vision for the club, their members’ expectations and their unique market circumstances are not benchmarks and should not be relied upon to make strategic decisions.

Our work with club industry associations is incredibly illuminating and we are committed to continuing conversations with club leaders now and in the future. We fully support the use of perspective research to ignite discussions and to help highlight important topics of focus. After receiving a few inquiries related to 2021 Food & Beverage (F&B) performance as reported by the CLP Report survey respondents, we felt that additional context and clarity on this topic would be valuable.

Before delving into the F&B survey data in the CLP Report, we want to reaffirm that our research team conducted extensive analysis of the survey results, and the results reported in the report reflect the responses received. Nonetheless, readers will note from the scatter plot of responses provided in the report, that there are assumed outliers that we classify as highly likely to be inaccurately reported data by some survey respondents. While certain results reported by club leaders did not appear to be appropriate, we did not adjust the responses and reported the results as provided. The use of a median in the analysis is important given the likelihood of potentially inaccurately reported data in surveys of this nature. That said, given feedback we have received, we conducted further analysis into the survey data and developed additional context for our readers.

Digging Deeper into the Survey Data

The raw survey responses, as reported, produced a median total annual profit on F&B of approximately $70k, equating to an implied median profit margin of 7% in 2021, with 64% of respondents indicating that their club generated a profit.

Further consideration and applying both our best discretion and professional judgement to the data, we estimate that approximately 10% of the respondent data was likely not entered appropriately, either due to a possible misunderstanding of the question or a transcription error.

If we were to exclude these data points from the analysis, the median total annual profit on F&B is closer to break-even, with just over 50% reporting a profit. It is important to note that this does not consider potential improperly reported extraordinary loss data points, which is more difficult to ascertain and appears to occur less frequently in the data.

Food and Beverage Profitability Trends

The CMAA Finance and Operations Study provides a good frame of reference for food and beverage profitability: 


  • CMAA Finance and Operations Survey Trend – Food and beverage net profit/loss held a consistent (flat) trend from 2017-2019, with the average performance being a net loss ranging between 10-13% of revenue. This sample of respondents is more heavily represented by non-profit club structures as compared to the CLP survey respondent profile of clubs. In 2020, the pandemic driven challenges drove the median net loss on revenue to 37%. 2021 results will be included in the release of the 2022 Finance and Operations report.

When compared to our internal GGA Partners database of historical trial balance level client financial results and 2022 budgets, which includes both for-profit and non-profit clubs:


  • GGA Database Trend – Net profit/loss held a consistent (flat) trend from 2017-2019, with the median performance being a net loss ranging from 3-6% of total revenue. In 2020, the pandemic driven challenges drove the median net loss on revenue to 25%. In 2021, the median net loss remained consistent at 25% of total revenue. We expect performance to continue to improve in 2022 and generate a median net loss in the range of 8-15% of revenue, based on our review of 2022 budgeted income statements among our client base thus far.

Purpose at the Core of Strategic Decisions

“Is it possible to make money on F&B? Or are we better off subsidizing the operation to improve the experience for members?” For years, our clients have asked these questions. Food and beverage operations at private clubs create a challenging business model by nature and should not be compared to the restaurant operation down the street (even though members often make this comparison). However, to say definitively that your operation should not make a profit is also ill-advised. Many of GGA’s clients generate a profit within their F&B operations, however, this is a strategic decision (dependent on several market factors) and more prominent within for-profit structures.

Your budgetary philosophy on F&B is a strategic decision for your club and should be based on what members want, and what the market allows from a price elasticity and competitive positioning perspective. Our member survey work frequently demonstrates how important and impactful F&B operations at private clubs are. Often, there is a strong statistical correlation between members’ satisfaction with F&B and overall satisfaction with the club. As a result, when a non-profit club’s annual dues and overall business model can support an expanded food and beverage offering, elevated service levels and discounted menu pricing, many clubs make the strategic decision to manage their food and beverage operation to a loss, in favor of an elevated member experience and overall satisfaction with being a member.

While there is considerable skill required to execute a food and beverage business plan, the formulation of that business plan is largely a mathematical exercise that can be viewed as a sum of the parts. In a non-profit, member-owned club, the ‘parts’ are what the members, through the board of directors and as part of a well-formulated strategy, determine and communicate to management. These ‘parts’ include:

    1. The number of food and beverage outlets to operate.
    2. The hours of operation for those outlets.
    3. The level of service required and thus the staff requirements during operating hours.
    4. The quality of the products procured and offered for sale.
    5. The pricing strategy for how the club prices its food and beverage products it sells.
    6. The number of events the club plans to host.
    7. The source of events, whether member, member-sponsored or external third-party events, and pricing strategy deployed.

For those that may have read the F&B related CLP survey results with concern, we strongly recommend you ensure there is a comprehensive strategic plan in place at your club. This requires a clear understanding of the food and beverage experience that club members desire, and the operational and capital costs required to deliver on those expectations. The decision must then be made to determine how (or if) the club can deliver on the F&B experience in a manner that is financially sustainable. The feedback we received on the F&B results in the CLP research report underscore the necessity for strategic planning that incorporates financial forecasts and key financial targets, through which the board of directors guides management to operate, along with the importance of succession planning for board members, ensuring a knowledgeable and informed leadership group.

For any questions or for assistance in benchmarking your operation and setting the most impactful strategy for your club, please contract us at info@ggapartners.com.

Access the 2022 A Club Leader’s Perspective: Emerging Trends & Challenges report.

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Executive Search: General Manager/Chief Operating Officer for The Thornhill Club


General Manager/Chief Operating Officer
The Thornhill Club
Thornhill, Ontario

The Club

The Thornhill Club (“the Club” or “Thornhill”) was established as a golf club in 1922. It became an all-season club with the opening of the curling rink in 1963. As one of Canada’s most historic and renowned private golf clubs, the Club is conveniently located near the heart of Toronto and takes pride in offering its members an innovative approach to cuisine and protection of the environment. With golf, tennis, curling, fitness, yoga and more, families make The Thornhill Club their home away from home.

The Club is home to a championship 18-hole golf course, an executive 9-hole course, state-of-the-art Har-Tru clay tennis courts, six sheets of curling ice, an outdoor swimming pool, a new fitness centre, and a vast array of social offerings.

Renowned golf course architect Stanley Thompson designed the 18-hole golf course, which has hosted the PGA Canadian Open. The present course retains the classic golf course design and features of a Thompson course, with strategic bunkering, the illusion of distance, dramatic variations in hole length and fairway width, intricate mounding, subtly breaking greens, and elevated tees. The clubhouse, amid well-landscaped gardens and walkways, is situated to provide a scenic vista overlooking the golf course.

The Position

The General Manager/Chief Operating Officer (“GM/COO”) is the leader of Thornhill’s management team and is responsible for all facets of the Club’s operations. The GM/COO manages and directs the Club’s employees subject to and in accordance with the direction of the Board of Directors (the “Board”).

The GM/COO will be responsible for the following:

Membership Experience:

  • Develop and deliver a consistently outstanding member experience commensurate with specified member expectations and in keeping with a premier Tier 1 private golf and country club.
  • Manage all aspects of the Club’s activities to ensure and maintain the highest standards, quality of activities, and service and levels of member satisfaction as measured by the Club’s annual survey.
  • Oversee the development and successful implementation of all marketing and member relations programs to both attract new members and foster positive relations with existing members and their guests. Ensure all new club members are “met” and properly oriented to the Club.

Operational Excellence:

  • Develop and implement best-in-class and industry-leading operating policies, programs, procedures and methods while directing the work and promoting the development of all department managers.
  • Monitor long and short-term financial objectives and reporting. In consultation with the Board, Finance Committee and Director of Finance and Administration, prepare and execute the financial plan for the Club as follows: (i) develop annual operating, cash, and capital budgets; (ii) monitor monthly budget and other financial information (iii) initiate effective corrective action, as required (iv) approve invoices and other arrangements before inception or payment; and (v) prepare and make timely financial reports to the Board.
  • Monitor and remain current with industry trends, and ensure Thornhill implements improvements as required. Act as a focal point in the development of the Club’s long-range strategic and annual tactical plans consistent with its long-term strategic direction.
  • Ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory matters affecting the Club.


  • Maintain and develop a management philosophy that recognizes people are a key part in the foundation of the Club’s success in delivering a great membership experience and competitive advantage. Actively promote a positive work environment where teamwork is emphasized.
  • Develop and monitor basic human resource policies consistent with the Board’s desire to always treat employees fairly and remain compliant with all laws/regulations.
  • Manage and clearly define direct reports’ goals and objectives. Provide consistent feedback towards continuous improvement, and ensure appropriate personal development occurs, while incorporating succession planning for all key leadership roles.
  • Be visible and approachable to all employees.


  • Provide quality and timely communication with the Club’s President, Board, employees and members. Working collaboratively with the Board, this position will take responsibility/ownership of all aspects of the Club operations and share in the Club’s overall success.

Direct Reports:

Head Golf Professional, Greens Superintendent, Controller, Executive Chef, Food & Beverage Manager, Sports & Activities Manager, Facilities Manager, Marketing & Communications Manager.

Candidate Profile

The GM/COO reports to the Board of Directors acting through the President. Given the leading role this individual will play in achieving the strategic and business objectives of Thornhill, it is essential that the successful candidate possess the following core competencies, experience and attributes:

Leadership Skills:

  • A dynamic leader with the ability to build strong teams by motivating staff and leading by example. Has the ability to provide direction and expectations, performance feedback and recognition that leads to positive outcomes to enhance member experiences through inspiring department managers and employees. Exhibits leadership skills in team building, employee motivation and service training, and is respectful and professional in all interpersonal dealings.

Standard of Excellence:

  • Thorough understanding of and capacity to consistently deliver exceptional standards of service commensurate with a Tier 1 private golf and country club.
  • Ability to set and maintain high standards for all facilities, services and communications.
  • Leads the Club’s commitment to health and safety protocols and processes.


  • Demonstrates integrity and ethical conduct in words and deeds; embodies the characteristics of a successful GM/COO through honesty, straightforwardness, accountability, leadership, and dedication.
  • A self-starter with a results-oriented work style combined with excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills demonstrated with all the Club’s stakeholders.
  • Demonstrates energy and a desire to interact with the membership.
  • A confident, diplomatic and competent professional who is a “doer” and a take-charge person who recognizes the importance of accountability.
  • Strong professional deportment with a clear commitment to member service through an open and transparent member approach while maintaining a professional balance between empathy and process adherence.

Business/Finance Skills:

  • An entrepreneurial style combined with a background in all aspects of business management including business development, finance, information technology, human resources, risk management and performance management.
  • An innovative and strategic thinker with strong business acumen.
  • Experience managing complex capital projects.
  • Direct experience with golf, tennis, curling, fitness and food and beverage businesses.
  • Incorporates succession planning by preparing staff for key leadership roles.


  • A post-secondary degree in business or a related discipline is preferred.

Experience and Accreditation:

  • Previous experience as a senior leader at a private golf and country club or other similar top tier facility, with a passion and understanding of what it means to have a premium country club experience.
  • Experience in the hospitality industry beneficial.
  • Experience reporting to a Board that has adopted a club governance structure and processes to lead the Club and GM/COO to success.
  • A Certified Club Manager designation (CCM) is preferred.

The Thornhill Club is committed to providing accommodations for people with disabilities throughout the recruitment process and, upon request, will work with qualified job applicants to provide suitable accommodation in a manner which considers applicants’ accessibility needs due to disability.


The successful applicant will receive an attractive compensation package commensurate with experience and qualifications along with a comprehensive health benefits plan and retirement savings matching program.


IMPORTANT: Interested candidates should submit a resume along with a detailed cover letter which addresses the position qualifications and describes your alignment/experience with the prescribed position by September 16 at 5:00pm EDT.

Documents are required to be submitted in Word or PDF format (save as “Last Name, First Name, Thornhill GM Cover Letter” and “Last Name, First Name, Thornhill GM Resume”) respectively to: execsearch@ggapartners.com

We thank all applicants for their interest but will only contact those selected for an interview.

Lead Search Consultant: 






Michael Gregory
Managing Director & Partner
GGA Partners™

For more information on The Thornhill Club, visit thethornhillclub.ca

Executive Search: Director of Food and Beverage for Greenville Country Club


Director of Food and Beverage
Greenville Country Club
Greenville, SC

The Club

Greenville Country Club, established in 1895, has built its reputation as one of the finest country clubs in South Carolina, providing a level of service unmatched in the Southeast.

The club offers a variety of amenities and activities for members of all ages including with two championship 18-hole golf courses. Chanticleer is a Robert Trent Jones, Sr. design while Riverside is an original design by Thomas Bendelow that was revamped by Brian Silva in 2006.

Greenville also boasts a world-class aquatics complex with over 9,500 square feet of pool area, a large pool house with a grill, lockers and youth room. Members who seek racquet play won’t have any problem finding a game on one of the 17 courts available for tennis or the 4 pickleball courts. Dining and social activities are also an integral part of life at Greenville. The club offers six unique dining options from club casual and poolside to on the course or upscale.

At the Greenville Country Club, history, tradition and thoughtful planning are combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and creativity to deliver and that delivers an experience unmatched in the Southeast.


  • Members – 1217 Members
  • Initiation Fee – $60,000
  • Annual Dues – $7,272; Capital Dues- $1,500
  • Gross Volume – $16MM
  • Annual Dues – $6.6M
  • F&B Volume – $4.0M
  • Gross Payroll – $5.7M
  • Employees – 70 F&B
  • Board Members – 14
  • Average age of members – 53

Director of Food and Beverage Position

The Director of Food and Beverage is responsible for all the clubs’ food and beverage operations as well as the dissemination of hospitality, friendliness and goodwill among members, guests and staff. His/her number one priority is to ensure members and guests enjoy the facilities and events at the Club.

In addition to building relationships with Club members, guests, and employees, the Director of Food & Beverage provides support to the respective committees and advisory groups. The candidate must take a hands-on approach as the public face of F&B operations and understand that achieving a high level of member and staff engagement is critical to succeeding in this position.

The Director of Food and Beverage consistently provides anticipated and enhanced hospitality along with superb dining and other food and beverage experiences for the Club’s membership and their guests. Alignment with the Executive Chef is very important in this position to ensure collaborative, innovative, harmonious relationships between front- and back-of-house operations.

This Director of Food & Beverage reports to the Assistant General Manager and works alongside the Executive Chef. He/she will also prepare annual department budgets in concert with the Assistant General Manager and CFO.

Personnel reporting directly to the Food & Beverage Director include:

  • Food and Beverage Managers
  • Food and Beverage Assistant Managers
  • All FOH F&B Staff – servers, bartenders, food runners etc.

Primary Responsibilities 

Member Services

  • Consistent, highly-visible, sincere and significant engagement with members and staff
    in the dining areas of the club is of the utmost importance. It is the ultimate responsibility of the Director of Food and Beverage to ensure all member dining, amenities and club events are well-conceived and executed.
  • Create and maintain a first-class service culture throughout the Club campus.
  • Exhibit quality leadership in a positive and upbeat manner every day.
  • Address and, when necessary, resolve issues arising from member or guest complaints, and suggestions related to general service, employee attitudes, maintenance and overall presentation of the clubhouse facilities.

Employee Relations

  • Oversee the recruitment, hiring and development of all food and beverage personnel.
  • Supervise ongoing training programs, complete with up-to-date training manuals, to ensure exceptional service in all parts of the Club’s operation.
  • Provide for training and future development of all subordinate managers and supervisors, subject to budget approval by the Assistant General Manager. Continue to coach, counsel, and evaluate departmental staff.
  • Ensure a positive spirit and healthy work environment, free of safety risks and all forms of employee harassment, exists throughout all club operations.
  • Maintain an effective two-way communications program with employees to ensure they are treated in a fair, structured and consistent manner.
  • Function as an administrative and communications link between club departments.
  • Guarantee that all clubhouse employees are regularly trained and certified in areas that help guard the safety and well-being of our members, guests and other employees including, but not limited to, responsible alcohol service, safe food handling, etc.
  • Help to facilitate a team environment with positive morale, high ethical standards and efficient use of resources to position the Greenville Country Club as the preferred employer of choice in the community.

Financial Management

  • Work jointly with the CFO, Assistant General Manager and General Manager to prepare the annual operating and capital budgets for all food and beverage operations; assist in the management and control of operations to attain the desired results.
  • Monitor the budget each week/month and direct any corrective action, as necessary, to assure budgeted goals are attained.
  • Provide input for all clubhouse and service personnel regarding annual budgets, capital spending plans, fiscal controls and operational guidelines.
  • Manage and maintain all labor cost payouts within the constraints of the budget, and through close coordination and approval from the Assistant General Manager and CFO.
  • Monitor payroll records to control overtime and maintain labor costs within budgetary guidelines.
  • Supervise the purchase, receipt, safekeeping and disbursement of operating supplies and equipment to maximize quality and profitability.

Personnel Management

  • Display a strong hands-on approach and lead the staff by example.
  • Maintain an environment of approachability by staff, members and guests.
  • Assist the Assistant General Manager in developing and implementing long-range (strategic) and annual (business) plans, operating reports, forecasts and budgets.
  • Work with Human Resources to develop long-term staffing needs for each area of responsibility.
  • Own the responsibility for hiring, discipline, termination and documentation of all food, beverage and service staff.
  • Review all accidents and work with HR and Safety Committee to complete accident reports and implement improved procedures to prevent the situation from reoccurring.
  • Attend senior management meetings and carry out directives agreed upon during the meetings along with any other requests of the Assistant General Manager. All actions must be carried out in a timely manner.
  • Serve as an ad-hoc member of appropriate club committees and advisory groups.
  • Possess a warm personality, a sense of humor and the ability to work effectively with all levels of staff and members.
  • Work with the Executive Chef, Food & Beverage Manager and others to develop P&L statements prior to each event. Produce an event recap along with all appropriate documentation/history, keeping it on file for future use.
  • Work with Executive Chef on menu development.
  • Work with the F&B team to organize and market special club events.
  • Further his/her own continued development as a club management professional as a member of CMAA. With the assistance and approval of the Assistant General Manager, participate in appropriate seminars/training programs, thereby enhancing his/her value and quality of services to the Greenville Country Club.

Operational Management

  • Understand and abide by the Greenville Country Club policies and departmental procedures. Suggest changes, and when appropriate, direct the implementation of approved changes.
  • Provide content for, and manage communications and marketing information, of department activities and events for all F&B departments.
  • Assure Food and Beverage operations and campus venues are run in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal laws.
  • Disseminate information effectively and coordinate activities between departments
    in a timely manner.
  • Alert the Assistant General Manager of all potential problems and activities related to the smooth operation of the clubhouse and other food service venues.
  • Oversee inventory management throughout departments and complete a periodic china, glass and silver inventory to maintain par levels.
  • Coordinate and approve all entertainment in consultation with Assistant General Manager and others.
  • Possess a sharp eye for detail in the overall management of the operation.
  • Report performance and financial data, e.g., weekly report to Assistant General Manager in a timely manner.

Candidate Qualifications

  • Minimum 5 years of progressive leadership and management experience in a private club or hospitality environment.
  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university, preferably in Hospitality Management or Business preferred.
  • Certified Club Manager (CCM) or in active pursuit of designation preferred.

Note: A pre-employment background check will be required. The position is available immediately.

Salary & Benefits

Salary is open and commensurate with qualifications and experience. The Club offers an excellent bonus and benefit package.


IMPORTANT: Interested candidates should submit résumés along with a detailed cover letter which addresses the qualifications and describes your alignment/experience with the prescribed position by Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

These documents must be saved and emailed in Word or PDF format (save as “Last Name, First Name, Greenville DF&B Cover Letter” and “Last Name, First Name, Greenville DF&B Résumé”) respectively to: execsearchus@ggapartners.com.

All requested information, along with references, should be emailed to the address above.


For more information about Greenville Country Club, please visit www.gccsc.com


Executive Search: COO/General Manager for Highlands Falls Country Club


Chief Operating Officer/General Manager
Highlands Falls Country Club
Highlands, NC

The Club

Founded in 1958, Highlands Falls Country Club is a private, member-owned club in Highlands, North Carolina. The quaint town of Highlands, NC sits at 4,118 feet in the mountains of western North Carolina and is surrounded by the neighboring states of Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina. Highlands is a short drive from Atlanta, Greenville, Knoxville, Charlotte and Asheville. For more information on Highlands, visit www.highlandschamber.org.

Perched high atop the Highlands Plateau, where incredible views stretch for miles and miles, is Highlands Falls Country Club, a small and close-knit club community which has just completed a $3.5 million renovation of the clubhouse to expand outdoor dining and create a unique indoor/outdoor bar and grill area. With updated features, extended dining areas, and sweeping views, it serves as a stylish, luxurious gathering place for members and guests – the response from the membership has been overwhelmingly positive.

Highlands Falls offers all the amenities and activities you’d expect, and then some.  Whether members prefer golf, croquet, pickleball, tennis, bridge, fishing, swimming, dining, working out, participating in the convertible club, or a combination of all the above, they enjoy their play surrounded by mountain views, cool summer temperatures, an incredible waterfall, and folks who can’t wait to welcome you to the community.

Highlands Falls offers a newly renovated 18 holes of pure golf pleasure on a dramatically beautiful course designed by Bill Bergin, a noted golf course designer. The Club also works closely with the USGA, who have spoken highly of the course conditions. The Croquet facilities include two full Croquet lawns, and a stunning Croquet Pavilion. Highlands Falls recently hosted the USCA championships at their croquet facilities.  The Sports Complex includes a tennis center with three Har-Tru courts and four pickleball courts, all of which offer interactive programs and regular social events for all skill levels. The Club has a Fitness facility with wonderful views of mountains and lakes that includes a weight room, locker rooms, a group fitness room, and is replete with spa services, personal training, and group classes. The Pool complex includes the swimming pool and aquatic fitness activities. The Clubhouse consists of the administrative offices, kitchen, member dining areas, lounge, and banquet facilities, and offers engaging activities for all ages, such as the highly popular Bridge program and fun-filled Junior Camp.

Members love to talk about how incredible the dining experience is at Highlands Falls, which offers both casual and formal dining options, well-priced lunch and dinner menus, special theme dinners, phenomenal wine dinners, a la carte brunch every Sunday, and special dietary accommodations upon request. The kitchen is lead by executive chef Shawn Olah, who has been featured in Club + Resort Chef and Golf Kitchen magazines. Whether hosting a small private party, throwing a large private event, or entertaining special guests, Highlands Falls provides the perfect combination of private elegance and impeccable service.

Highlands Falls Country Club Overview

  • 308 Members (Golf: 218, Other: 90)
  • Initiation Fees (Golf: $65,000, Social: $55,000 )
  • Annual Dues (Golf: $13,836)
  • $5.0M Gross Volume
  • $3.6M Annual Dues
  • $1.0K F&B Volume
  • 9 Board Members serving rotating three-year terms
  • JONAS is used for accounting and POS
  • Average age of members is 73
  • Club season currently runs from May 1 to November 1
  • Club is located in the Highlands Falls community which has a separate homeowners association

For more information about Highlands Falls Country club, please visit clubhfcc.com.

The COO/General Manager Position

Highlands Falls is replacing a highly-regarded retiring 16-year leader who has strong relationships with members and staff and a passion for the food and beverage operations. The remaining management team includes a combination of long-tenured employees and recent hires.  The General Manager (GM) has total operational responsibility for the Club and reports to the president of the Club, who also chairs the Board of Directors (Board). The GM oversees a private country club with one golf course, multiple dining venues, and a broad array of other amenities including croquet, tennis, pickleball, pool, and fitness center. The General Manager will be expected to be highly visible and engaging with the membership and team members. The GM will also work closely with the Board as an innovative thought leader as the Club continues to evaluate continued investments in facilities and employees.

Primary Responsibilities 

  • Coordinate the development and execution of the club’s long-range and annual business plans to achieve the mission of the club
  • Prepare comprehensive operating plans and budgets, obtain approval from the Board, and operate in accordance with approved budgets
  • Maintain a long-term capital budget to assure the sustained material condition of all physical assets of the club
  • Manage capital projects including budgeting, contracting, scheduling and reporting regularly to the Board
  • Plan, develop and approve specific operational policies, programs, procedures, methods, rules, and regulations in concert with board-approved policies
  • Direct the recruiting and training of all staff including designing a recruiting strategy that is economical and delivers consistent and appropriate staffing levels and training
  • Work with legal advisors and others to successfully recruit seasonal food and beverage and golf course maintenance employees through government regulated seasonal employee programs (e.g., H2B, F1 and J1 visa programs)
  • Build a team to deliver a strong Food and Beverage experience to a seasoned membership, many of which are seasonal members at other successful clubs
  • Establish employee rules and regulations, work schedules, internal controls, and a performance appraisal system
  • Assure that the highest standards are set and achieved in providing member service and satisfaction
  • Ensure that the club is operated in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory and other governmental agencies that have oversight of various club assets and operations, including utility regulation, water quality, and environmental statutory law compliance
  • Provide the Board and committees with relevant information on trends and developments in the club/residential community business
  • Ensure that the committees established by the Board are well-supported and operate in accordance with board-approved policies and directives
  • Oversee security, risk management, and health and safety programs to ensure that measures are in place to protect members, employees, staff, and club physical assets
  • Ensure that the Board is thoroughly informed on the status of club operations, member satisfaction, and financial performance
  • Oversee new membership development initiatives and be involved in new member activities
  • Provide a comprehensive communications program that keeps all appropriate constituencies informed on relevant matters
  • Provide regular membership communications via Club email, social media updates, member meetings, and casual interactions
  • Interact with local community leaders and organizations
  • Perform other duties and functions as the club board may direct that are consistent with this job description

Direct Reports

  • Controller
  • Executive Assistant & Administration
  • Director of Food and Beverage
  • Executive Chef
  • Director of Agronomy/Golf Course Superintendent
  • Director of Golf
  • Director of Sports and Fitness
  • Head Tennis Professional
  • Director of Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Membership Coordinator

Core Leadership Competencies

  • Ability to define a simple and understandable vision of success for the management team
  • Ability to see the big picture, take stock, identify problems/needs, and conceptualize solutions/strategies
  • Ability to focus on the essentials, to attend to detail, and to follow through on decisions
  • Ability to achieve results and complete tasks/projects
  • Ability to create a sense of followership among subordinates
  • Ability to attract and develop a strong supporting management team
  • Ability to demonstrate a strong member satisfaction ethic and to interact with the membership in a frequent and friendly manner
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Ability to articulate the highest performance and ethical standards, demand compliance, and move swiftly and positively when corrective action is warranted
  • Ability to be hands-on and very engaged when needed
  • Ability to cope with day-to-day pressures and maintain a healthy and positive culture

Candidate Qualifications

  • A minimum of 7 years of progressive leadership and management experience in a private club environment.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university, preferably in Hospitality Management or Business preferred.
  • Certified Club Manager (CCM) or in active pursuit of designation preferred.

Note: A pre-employment drug screen and background check will be required. The position is available immediately.

Salary & Benefits

Salary is open and commensurate with qualifications and experience. The Club offers an excellent bonus and benefit package.


IMPORTANT: Interested candidates should submit résumés along with a detailed cover letter. The detailed cover letter should clearly outline your qualifications, why you would like to be considered for this position at this stage of your career and why Highlands Falls Country Club and the Highlands, NC area will be beneficial to you, your family, your career, and the Club if selected. The resume and cover letter should be submitted by September 7, 2022.

These documents must be saved and emailed in Word or PDF format (save as “Last Name, First Name, HFCC GM Cover Letter” and “Last Name, First Name, HFCC GM Résumé”) respectively to: execsearchus@ggapartners.com.

All requested information, along with references, should be emailed to the address above.

Executive Search: General Manager/Chief Operating Officer for Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country Club


General Manager/Chief Operating Officer
Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country Club
Spruce Grove, Alberta

The Club

Located just 5 minutes from Edmonton’s west end, the Mark McCumber-designed 18-hole championship golf course was completed in 1993. The course boasts all the fine features of his designs; immaculate contoured greens and strategically placed bunkers are complemented by water hazards on both the front and back nines. The par 72 layout, measuring over 7000 yards from the back tees, offers a variety of challenges through the harmony of its natural beauty and woodland surroundings. Mark McCumber designed the golf course to “offer a true test for golfers of all levels.”

The Club has a well-equipped golf shop and a first-class practice facility that has been recently upgraded. A full grass driving range sits on a large parcel of land. The driving range extends to 400 yards with the ability to teach on either end of the range, in addition to 3 full golf holes (par 4, par 3 & par 5), and a large chipping and putting area. Members of the Club enjoy unrivaled access to the tee, with the best member to golf course ratio in Edmonton. A friendly clubhouse provides an elegantly appointed Members’ bar, dining room and large patio with a beautiful panoramic view of the 18th hole and the rest of the golf course from any of these three locations.

The Club has had the honour and privilege of hosting many great tournaments, including the ATB Classic PGA Tour of Canada in 2022, the Oil Country Championship, part of the Mackenzie Tour in 2018 and the Canadian Women’s Amateur in 2021.

Mission Statement:

“To provide members and guests with a superior golfing and social experience on every occasion through a dedicated commitment to excellence in service, quality of work, professionalism, and mutual respect.”


“To become recognized as an enviable and desirable private golf and country club where acquiring a membership is a goal for every golfer in the Edmonton area.”

The Position

We are looking for a General Manager/Chief Operating Officer (GM/COO) reporting to the Board, to oversee the entire Club. The start date is negotiable.

The GM/COO will be responsible for the following:

  • The consistent delivery of the Club’s golf, hospitality and member service program to an exceptional standard.
  • All aspects of the Club including golf, membership services, food and beverage, facilities, and administrative services.
  • The Club’s financial results and operating processes, including the implementation of Board policy and strategy.
  • The performance of senior management. Senior Managers report directly to the GM/COO and are responsible for the day-to-day activities and processes. Although the GM/COO will rely on the Senior Managers to operate the daily activities, the GM/COO will be ultimately responsible to the Board for overall performance metrics and service.
  • Coordination of the Club’s strategic plan development and implementation of the resulting annual business plan.
  • Representation of the Club, in the context of its stated values, to members, staff and external agencies.
  • Becoming the “Face” of the Club and its Chief Host.
  • Membership marketing and new member on-boarding.
  • Staying up to date with best practices in the golf and private club sector, and bringing best practices to the Club, as appropriate.


The General Manager/Chief Operating Officer reports directly to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.

The following positions report directly to the General Manager/Chief Operating Officer:

  • Food & Beverage Manager
  • Controller/Office Manager
  • Membership & Marketing Coordinator
  • Golf Course Superintendent
  • Head Golf Professional

Candidate Profile

The GM/COO reports to the Board. Given the leading role, this individual will play a key position in achieving the strategic objectives of the Club. It is essential that the successful candidate possess the following core competencies, experience and attributes:

  • Building Effective Teams: Creates strong morale and spirit in his/her team; shares wins and successes; fosters open dialogue; lets people finish and be responsible for their work; lets subordinates present to senior management.
  • Business Acumen: Knowledgeable in current and possible future policies, practices, trends and information affecting the Club; knows the competition; is aware of how strategies and tactics work in the marketplace.
  • Communication: Excellent presentation, verbal, business writing and meeting facilitation skills.
  • Compliance: Ability to ensure compliance with all regulatory matters.
  • Customer Service: Clear commitment to member service through an open and transparent approach. Dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers; gets firsthand customer information and uses it for improvements in products and services; talks and acts with customers in mind.
  • Drive for Results: Can be counted on to consistently meet goals; is constantly and consistently a top performer; very bottom line oriented; works collaboratively with team.
  • Ethics & Values: Adheres to an appropriate and effective set of core values and beliefs; acts in line with those values.
  • Integrity & Trust: Is widely trusted; is seen as a direct, truthful individual; can present the truth in an appropriate and helpful manner; keeps confidences; doesn’t blame others for own mistakes or misrepresent self for personal gain.
  • Leadership: Highly visible leader with professional deportment. Leads by example.
  • Managing Vision & Purpose: Creates and communicates a compelling and inspired vision or sense of core purposes; sees beyond today; sees possibilities; is optimistic; creates mileposts and symbols to rally support behind the vision; makes the vision sharable by everyone; can inspire.
  • Strategic Agility: Sees ahead clearly; can anticipate future consequences and trends accurately; has broad knowledge and perspective; is future oriented; can articulate possibilities and likelihoods; can create strategies and plans.
  • Total Quality Management Re-engineering: Dedicated to providing highest quality products and services, which meet the needs and requirements of internal and external customers. Committed to continuous improvement through empowerment and management by data; is open to suggestions. Ability to examine and re-engineer operations and procedures and developing and implementing new strategies and procedures.


The Club will offer an attractive compensation package, commensurate with experience, which will include a competitive base salary, bonus, and benefits.


IMPORTANT: Interested candidates should submit resumes along with a detailed cover letter which addresses the qualifications and describes your alignment/experience with the prescribed position by September 9, 2022. If you require any accommodations to be considered for this position, please include that information in your submission. These documents must be saved and emailed in Word or PDF format (save as “Last Name, First Name, Edmonton Petroleum GM Cover Letter” and “Last Name, First Name, Edmonton Petroleum GM Resume”) respectively to: execsearch@ggapartners.com

We thank all applicants for their interest but will only contact those selected for an interview. Please email resume with references.

Lead Search Consultant: 






Michael Gregory
Managing Director & Partner
GGA Partners™

For more information on Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country Club: www.epgcc.ab.ca