Developing industry-changing data analytics solutions

With a deep passion for sports, Elliott Leifer joined GGA Partners in 2021 as a Senior Associate on the Data Analytics team.

Golf has always been an integral part of my life. I grew up playing as many sports as I could, including golf, baseball, hockey and skiing. My family spent summers vacationing in Muskoka; a beautiful place that holds a special place in my heart. I enjoy spending time outdoors reading on the dock, discovering serene lakes on ATV’s, and skiing and barefooting on the water.

Building my data background

I studied software engineering at Western University where I fell in love with coding as it allowed me to combine my passions for math and problem solving. I later completed a Master’s in Business Analytics at Ivey Business School, where I learned how to translate real-world business data into actionable insights using statistical and technological methods. When I had an opportunity to join a small analytics team for the Toronto Maple Leafs and combine my interests in data analytics and sports, I knew it was an industry I was destined to end up in.

After completing an internship between semesters at Deloitte, I joined the firm full-time upon graduating. Working on Deloitte’s artificial intelligence team, Omnia, I was exposed to big data and unique problems in a variety of industries. In early 2021, I was sent a LinkedIn post about GGA’s work and realized this was the perfect opportunity to finally combine my passion for data analytics and sports.

My role in the firm

GGA’s data analytics team is building the future at GGA by organizing and collecting data as part of our analytics pipeline, allowing for robust analysis of clubs and leisure businesses around the world.

GGA’s data initiative focuses on providing efficient and tailored analysis to clients on levels previously unattainable or overly time-consuming. I am thrilled to be a part of this data transformation and am thoroughly enjoying helping our clients uncover unique and impactful insights through the application of our new data capabilities.

Our team is encouraged to challenge the status quo and suggest more efficient ways to approach problems. This openness and appreciation for continuous learning not only drives innovation at the firm but also has supported my research on how to best implement our data pipeline in the cloud, a skill I have been working to master for quite some time.

Outside of work, I find balance in the simple pleasures of life; making great pour-over coffee in the morning, practicing putting and chipping in my living room, and of course, playing with the family pup whenever I get the chance. While cooking dinner, I unwind by listening to music and recently put together a Yellowstone themed playlist on Spotify called “Montana Plains” – check it out!

Elliott Leifer is a Senior Associate at GGA Partners. You can reach him at