GGA Partners and Vivid Club partner to strengthen management excellence for private clubs

New joint partnership helps supports the advancement of clubs around the world.

Toronto, ON, July 27, 2022 

As private clubs work to keep pace with rapidly changing business landscapes, shifts in member access and utilization, heightened workforce challenges, and the untapped potential of data, there is a need now more than ever to monitor and effectively implement strategies and streamlined processes. As part of their new international alliance, GGA Partners and the team at Vivid Club and Vivid Leaf have partnered to deliver advanced mindshare collaboration technologies designed to help clubs transform and lead.

Vivid Club provides clients with a fully integrated goals and objectives management system with pre-populated Balanced Scorecard templates and 360-degree feedback surveys and performance evaluation functionality. The platform also offers a file share system and a Club Social Responsibility section showing all initiatives clubs have in place for their employees, their community, the environment and their partners. The purpose is to optimize collaboration and ensure the alignment of all contributors towards the joint vision of the club.

Vivid Leaf is the real-time club sustainability platform, following the triple bottom line approach of sustainability: profit, people, planet. Vivid Leaf is helping clubs to advance on their journey to becoming fully sustainable and carbon neutral. All aspects of a club’s ability to have an effect on the three sustainability pillars are considered. The club’s carbon footprint is calculated as well as automated alerts are sent for unusual spikes in usage.

The Vivid platforms are also helping clubs to strengthen their operational and managerial processes for the future through artificial intelligence (AI), automation and monitoring tools that are built with private clubs in mind. With clubs from all over the world contributing in a mind-share fashion, the Vivid platforms improve on an ongoing basis, all available to every club on the platforms.

GGA will leverage the unique features of the Vivid platforms in the design of strategic actions plans, help clients use the platforms to monitor the implementation of strategy and continue to be the source of data-driven strategic solutions that consider the unique market, financial, operational and governance circumstances of each club.

“We are thrilled about our partnership with GGA Partners to better serve the club industry. Combining GGA’s experience and expertise in data and analytics, financial and operational analysis, surveying, governance, and strategic planning with state-of-the-art, easy-to-use, club mind-share and artificial intelligence driven technology, clubs have a framework at hand that supports their sustained success.”

Bettina von Ruexleben, Chief Executive Officer, Vivid Club and Vivid Leaf

“To adapt and respond to the ever-changing club industry, and the evolving expectations of members, it is imperative that clubs diligently plan, monitor, transform and evaluate their strategies, goals and objectives.  This is why GGA Partners is increasingly focused on helping clients to innovate and grow. Our new partnership with the Vivid Club and Vivid Leaf team is now more important than ever as we continue to help clients successfully implement important strategies for their long-term sustainability.”

Derek Johnston, Partner, GGA Partners

About Vivid Club and Vivid Leaf

The Vivid platforms are developed for the club industry in close cooperation with visionary club leaders. Supported by the team of the Brodtmann Consulting Group they focus on enabling clubs to easily share their thoughts, templates and initiatives with each other to learn and optimize collaboration as well as their sustainability progress. The Vivid team is located in Cologne, Germany as well as Denver, CO, Atlanta, GA and Naples, FL.

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About GGA Partners

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